Louisville Slugger Museum

We really liked this place.
Just enough to do the keep the boys interested.
The tour went right thru the factory floor.
They were making a bat for Giants player Brandon Belt, 
and that is who is versing the Cards right now in the playoffs,
Sam wanted to sabatoge them!  It was really neat the see the process of
bats being made!

Holding famous bats, Cal Ripken, Mikey Mantle

2013 World Series Bat Line up for the Cards!

His new fav since getting his home run ball!

batting cages!

Quick stop at  Bass Pro, didn't have what we needed!

Quick stop at Bass Pro after lunch

 And we were out headed home!
Love making these memories with the boys, just love it!
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Fall Break!

The boys are on Fall Break!  My Saturday fell right in the middle of it,
so they had fun with cousin Blake on Friday, they had fun with daddy while I worked a short shift, then we had fun with friends and watch the cardinals in the playoffs, we woke up Sunday and decided to head out for an overnight in Louisville, KY.
Our first stop was

It's a stop we would LOVE to head back to.
These boys just need a little urge from Uncle Will
or Blake and Noah and they would love this course!

But we headed out on a tour of the old underground mine
that is underneath the city of Louisville,
specifically the zoo.
It was a really educational, neat ride.

They are preparing for the Christmas light show,
its on our list too!

It was dark most of the time and this one took a snooze, ha!

How cute is this, could squeeze em!

 We stopped off at a mall, you know DH loves those.
Well, we found one with a Cheesecake Factory!
They boys loved it, but Sam said...
that was not much of a factory. So literal, very literal. Love it.

We headed back to the hotel for a swim, and it time for
DH to catch the Cardinals in the playoffs,
except we were out of Cardinal fan territory and the hotel didn't draw the game!

We had time to build our new LEGO set from the KMART we were under during our mega tour

And play with our miners hats while DH streamed the game on the compter, pfew.
You didn't think he would miss it, did you?

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1st grade for Joe

Joe is really liking 1st grade, 
and you thought it was Johnny Appleseed?
Ha, nope!

100% on his first spelling test, way to go Joe!
And Mrs. Wagler!

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When cousins become superheros

A couple Sunday's ago, cousin Tyson came over
after chruch.  The three boys played all afternoon.
And were in and out of costumes all day, had a blast.

Both of our cats, Tiger Night and Shock have gone to kitty heaven.
But this little guy has been hanging around.  Pretty sure he is an offspring
of Shock (who was also a stray that showed up here), but he is soooo scared of us.
Comes closest to Sam, but he still can't get near.

 Green lantern masked orange cat in undies. Told you they had a blast!

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Joe ran 1 mile!

Proud of my boy in the front row, who ran a mile yesterday on his final day of run club!
Love this little club that started last year at Loogootee Elementary!  It encourages young kids and a volunteer to run with them!  And even though Joe was CONVINCED that he ran 4 miles, I assured him that he ran 4 laps = 1 mile!

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