I planned to make a post about sweet corn and all of it's yumminess. It is in abundance at Graber Farms right now and it is good, we have miracle and bi-color right now. Next week we will freeze our winter corn. But for now, we will eat it off the cob with our little sticks (as Sam calls them).
Isn't it pretty? I love the color yellow, it is a happy color

Joe's first taste of sweet corn. He loved it, knawed the whole cob clean as Sam exclaimed, "Look at that little fella!"

And of course we all had a little butter and the black salt to go with our corn...
But the sweetest part of dinner, the part I had not planned of posting was little Sam's prayer. We began to say Grace like always and offered for Sam to lead...and he did! I nearly cried as he said the prayer that I said as a child. He said the whole thing without pausing (with a few jumbled words) and I beamed. The best part...he did it again tonight!
Bless us O'Lord for these thy gifts
Which we are About to receive
thru your bounty
thru Christ our Lord
So, do you have a mealtime prayer? Do you care to share it? It is never too early to teach the little ones to Thank God for our many blessings.


The Grabers

We had some pics taken with Dan's family back in May - just now getting around to ordering them. Loved how they turned out! I have the perfect spot on the wall for them and frames are bought...


July 26

This is a photo of me as my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital. August 8, 1976.

Today my dad would be 65. Officially retired, although as hard as he worked at the coal mine, I hope he would have taken an earlier out! I remember so many details about my dad, even though he was taken from us when I was eight. I remember how he smelled, his beard in the winter, that he drank diet rite (in the early 80s when it wasn't cool), loved the bologna with the red ring on it, his brown pleather chair, he loved the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Loogootee Lions, he loved to put up hay the old fashioned way and even taught me how to steer the truck in the field, coaching my brothers at baseball, those tight baseball shorts with the belt, beech-nut green (not red), trips to Grandma Walkers, Jello cheesecake, he loved my mama, loved his kids, and attended either St. Johns or St. Martins faithfully with family in tow. Writing this post reminds me that I think I did this last year too. I love to remember my dad.

It has been fun to work back in my hometown. People either know me or figure out who I am before they leave with their medicine... A friendly customer made my day at the end of the evening Friday. She said, I graduated high school with your dad. He was a fine man, a funny man (as she chuckled to herself). He made us laugh and was always so kind. I loved hearing her words. I told her that his birthday would have been Sunday and she said yes, we are 65 this year. Lucky for your dad though, he got to retire early...

She is so right. He did get to retire early, and even though I wish he had been here on Earth as I grew up...how lucky for him that he was in a better place all this time.

6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Psalms 23:6

Happy Birthday to Uncle John, and the twins Aunt Peggy and Polly - July 25. These are some of my dad's siblings who also help keep his memory alive. Wow, my grandma was busy around halloween time...


You want me to what?

Check it out, mama got me these things... Yeah right, you want me to do what with them???
I would rather wave them like flags...
or scruch them up like a pillow
or maybe they could be some bracelet bling, bling... Oh yes, I got it. Perfect. This is the only way I am wearing these things.
Oh, Joe. You are a stinker. You were so funny tonight. Thanks for making memories for us. And Sam? He loved his new book, no clue what else was going on in the van...

Tickle Monster

Most days, daddy has the privilege to pick up the boys at the sitter and have about 1-1.5 hours of uninterrupted daddy and me time. And this is how they spend it. I just happened to get a rare glimpse the other day.
I'll do my best to tell the tale:
Sam and Joe cuddle up on the big bed and wait on daddy. Of course daddy does his best to delay the tickle by taking forever to change his work clothes. Then, he comes in for the attack and it gets loud! He takes turns flipping the boys over his head and off the bed and around they run, one after the other, to do it again.
I was worn out, just watching...


But, we are thankful

Let's just suffice it to say that this was not my most stellar of days...but God's plan was made evident to me through this trying day.
We spent our day here. Drove over 1 hr here and spent 1.5 hrs here then over 1 hr home. This trek began in May when Sam when for his 1st dental visit. She saw some issues and thought Sam would do better with a specialist. I admit I was dreading it, it takes up the whole day, the dentist is never pleasant, and I knew we were in for some moola when the words pediatric specialist were involved...all for baby teeth.
I mention this only because I now feel selfish and foolish. Sam did have extensive work done today on his back molars...as the one on his right side had begun to decay. Of course, the horrible mother feeling insued. I remember that night 2 weeks ago when we did brush b/c it was late, and the many mornings that I just don't fight it. But our nice dentist reassured me that these were not the causes. It goes much deeper than that.
Sam's enamel is not formed right. It is most likely due to poor nutrition during pregnanacy and lack of prenatal care. I remember worrying about this as we prayed for our unborn child, but God removed all those fears the moment we met Sam in 2006. This is fixable, it is just a reminder of our child's fragile beginnings.
Dear Lord,
Today I am thankful that you chose to give life to our precious Sam. This is something small that reminds us of the fragile life you have given us. I am thankful for Sam's birthmother who chose another life for him, one where we could provide for him. I am saddened that she may have been hungry while carrying him, and may be hungry now. I am thankful that you are never to big to hear our prayers. Amen.
We are home. Sam did well. Love that little man.

Through Childrens Eyes

I love seeing this world through your eyes.



Race Cars

Every boy loves a race car. DH, the big boy, got a bracelet to drive the fast cars and he loved it. And so did Sam at the end of this night...
In the mean time, we paid a visit to this old familiar car

Joe - age 23 months - July 2009

Sam - 3&1/2 - July 2009

Sam - 18 months - July 2007

DH and Sam - going so fast it was a blur...

Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac. ~Author Unknown

The Trebble

Isn't that what you call it? The golf club...by the time daddy came to join us (from the race cars) I had figured out that the trebble that Sam was talking about was his golf club...figure that one out???

This is Joe's favorite look right now, hed tilted down with eyes lookin right at ya...hilarous!

The last hole took us at least 15 minutes, which was fine. We went with the youth group and had 2 hours to waste. Sam kept saying I wish, I wish, I wish as he tried to hit the hole with the ball...

I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game: it's called an eraser. ~Arnold Palmer



What do you call it?
Soda Pop
Soft Drink

Go visit here...it is a real debate!

I always grew up using the generic term of Coke, not really meaning that brand, just a soft drink in general. I think DH has influenced me and the boys...we call it pop now. I know the Amish is rubbing off...becoming more Graber everyday!

Whatever you call it...I think these cousins call it
cool and refreshing!


More baby love

Here is daddy patiently waiting as we said our goodbyes yesterday at Indiana Dunes. Yeah, he was really into it...

And 15 seconds later...
and this lasted the entire 3 hours until Indy. I read and entire magazine, laughed with DH at the Blue Collar Comedy Channel on Sirus, and changed out of my swim suit into clothes again. We arrived to see our friends Chris, Toni and of course Baby Eli!

The boys lovin on Little Elijah - 6 weeks old!

Scrumptious and always hungry!

A little daddy love...

Our (My) intention was to spend the night in Indy, but we loaded into the car and DH never quit driving. Got home last night about 11:30, felt good to wake up at home!

Sweet Reunion

Yesterday we went to Indiana Dunes to meet Isa and family. What a great time was had by all! We met at 9am and headed straight to the beach so we got good parking and a prime beach spot. It was a very big nice beach with freezing cold water. The kids all played so well together and there was plenty of conversation with the adults.
The highlight: Trying to get a photo of Sam and Isa together. This was sweet Isa's one request. Do you think Sam would have any of it? Stinker.

Now Joe, that was another story, he was in love with everyone yesterday and loved sharing his kisses with Isa!

We tried to distract them for a photo - sweet Isa again!

It was fun to chat with Nicole again, last time we were together was in Guatemala 2006. We were picking up Sam and they were visiting Isa. We keep in close contact thru the blogs http://isababycakes.blogspot.com/. So I feel like I knew her kiddos already!

Finally a hug!

So we decided to tackle the dunes. If you think walking in loose sand is tough, try climbing!!! But these kids were troopers!
The Climb...

The view from the top.

The celebration dance, and they quickly headed down the trail to the other side!

The slide back down. Sam had fun with Isa's cousin Michael, too!

It was a pleasure to meet Nicole's mom and brother. Her brother was so excited about the rides at Walt Disney, we loved hearing about them. Oh, they had never had Bob Evans, go figure, and they loved it!

Sam and Isa again

Playing in the Sand

Joe and Daddy, this was Joe's first trip to the sand! His reaction...a little overwhelmed. Loved playing in the sand, walking...not so much. And the water? Not at all!

Sam's toes in the cold water of Lake Michigan

And this little love - Kai, Kai. What a mama's man. He made sure Nicole was in sight at all times, who could blame him? He was the same size as Joe! Only a little over a year old!

Isa and Nicole and Family,
Thanks for making this trip possible. Our family was honored to come a few hours to meet you on your cross country trek. We are so glad you made Indiana part of your journey. We cannot wait to return the favor. And Mark, we are ready for some of your cooking!
Dan Ashley Sam and Joe!