Missing these days!

Downloading my phone pics today to shutterfly, long overdue.
I found these pics...missing these warm days.
It's cold and dreary today.
We've all had a head cold, DH is coming home early to rest.
I've got the meds ready...
we are looking forward to these sunny days again!

Lovin Legos

My boys, all 3 of them, are loving legos.

Fun Monday

We had a fun monday,
not a word we used with monday much. 
One extra day off work left mama with a full day with Joe
and we picked up Sam for lunch.
He chose DQ

And during homework time Joe surprised Sam by
reading him 2 books.

Aunt Jill has been working with Joe's speech
using Tucker signs and he loves it.

Sam was so surprised and he really
encouraged Joe, it was so cute.
Joe's speech has improved so much in the 6 months since Jill
started working with him, his last reassessment showed that
he now scores on the charts (yipee for small vicotories) still
have a way to go, but so proud of my boy!


We had a great time!

We really did have a great time!
Thankful for the opportunity to get away.
Loved the time with friends
and dear hubby!
Had some great eats, great shopping, sightseeing, and spa day!
Ready for those sweet boys, tomorrow I pray they are in my arms again!


Away for a day!

The DHs and I are on a short trip away with some friends.
The place we are staying is full of memories for us because we
stayed here on our 1st anniversary trip. 
The decor is modern, trendy, inspiring.

The views from our windows (we scored a corner room)
are amazing.  There is tons to see and do.
We were up almost 24 hours yesterday due to the time change...
 we had an amazing dinner at The Range Steakhouse
followed by tickets to see Cirque du Soleil Love.
So it was worth missing some sleep and was a great performance
of the classic Beatles songs!

But...I miss my boys. 
It started yesterday when they served Plane cookies on the airplane.
They were so stinking cute and the boys would have loved them
so DH asked for 2 more bags to take home to them...score!!
JoeyD is home with a cold getting loved on by Gma.
and SammySosa really wasn't ready for us to leave.
Looking forward to having them in my arms again.


Praying for gpa great

Today after church, we went to visit gpa great (graber)
he has been under the weather and was having some tests in eville.
I love how the boys ran to him and gave him kisses as we left.
We had a big group and headed to the lounge, I'm sure by the time
we left we had gpa worn out.
We hope he comes home early this week.
Wishing and praying you back to the farm gpa!


Saturday Morning Memories

Found this yummy receipe here...
and we had most {wink} of the ingredients at home.
Wink b/c most is always my story, but whatever we make it work!
I didn't have crecent rolls so we used biscuits instead and I didn't have a mini cupcake pan but...
you get the idea!
What I did have was a great big helper...

these babies are not on DH and I's eating plan
but making Saturday Morning Memories
cannot be put on delay...
and memories did we ever make.  They were a huge hit!

Ultimate Fort

This smile was created after much hard work
by the sweet boy below...

Because this is what he had created back on that December day...
{insert real life...}
 I wish I shared his excitement that day,
afterall DH and I had taught him how to make awsome forts before.
And I did share the excitement for him,
but inside {after I got home from a long day at work}
all I saw was a mess in my living room...

So I decided to try a picture by the soft light of the Christmas tree...
uh, nope still a mess.
But then I got over it, I mean no one was hurt or no permanent mess was made
granted every pillow and blanket that we own had been collected to built such a fort.
So much so that DH and I had to beg for our bed pillows to go bed that night.
And no one else was welcome, especially little bro, until there was some prodding (or slight threats...)

And after all that hard work.

A long winter's nap was in order!


Winter Tennis

Sam's favorite thing to do when we go to grandma and grandpa's house is
to play with their tennis raquet and badmitton set.  Grandma decided to get
Sam his first raquet for his birthday!
So he headed to the garage on this chilly winter day

And played tennis with DH.
They loved it.  Laughed out loud!

Can't wait to see his mean tennis skills this spring!


Rules for mothers of sons...

A friend of sons posted this on facebook and I love it.  It could take days to digest.  Days to remember all of its suggestions.  Proud to say that I practice some, maybe not all, but when you follow your heart the things that are important come naturally! 
I'd like to add one more to the list...
1.  Make time for individual dates
This month my indivdual dates came in the form of quick stops for food which is kinda funny since D and I have really been watching our eats, but sometimes we don't even leave our home, 
 we just make time for each other
Dates allow for good conversation and a chance for mom to teach manners like opening the door.