Our Vintage Dude.

DH turned 40 on 10/25.
We celebrated with family at our Vintage Dude Birthday Party.

That sure is a lot of candles,
we turned off the lights to see if we could light the whole basement.

DH is always the candle lighter, so I guess he lit his own!

Joe and Sam helped Grandma design and make the cupcakes.

Shaylee was super excited about her gift to Dan,
black hair color.

And then I turned her loose with my camera.

We love our Vintage Dude!  
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My Indian Dioramma

A few days ago I was asked to build a diorama for class.I had to make it showing Indian culture.Mine was the Miami. We made it at school but I could bring things from home.

  1. We started to make the wigwam.Then we started on the field which was made of actually made of real life grassy things.Last we started to work on the logs that were for the fire.
  2.  I also collected rocks for the water edge.
  3. My teacher said it was very neat and I scored a 100.

By Sam 

A Fish Story!

Simple Sunday a few weeks ago, before the weather (and the trees) changed!
DH was headed out to fish at the lease and it was Sam's turn to go along.
We've had to wait awhile for the boys to go because it is a long day.
Dan always wants to take them though, if the weather is good.
I love that.
And so did Sam, he came home all smiles and couldn't wait to 
show Joe and I his bucket of fish!

They caught crappie and a couple small bass.
He helped dad clean them and we froze them in water...
we just ate them this week - stayed turned for the mess
DH makes when he makes fish for us...ugh. Seriously,
he even agreed it was a mess.

And a few days later (because DH says pond fish is better after soaked in cold water and salt?!?) 
I trust him becuase it is sooooo good...and I am a picky pete fish eater.
We sat down to enjoy, 
but first we gave thanks to the Lord.
with the prayer that I grew up with...
Bless Us O Lord
for these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty
thru Christ Our Lord

 And, yes I have to gear myself up for this.
DH is not neat in the kitchen.

He makes a mess.  
And when he cooks I clean up and when I cook, I clean up
Something is not adding up here.  I am working on that...15 years later.

That morning at church Pastor Ed had a sermon about David and Goliath - I had kind of forgotten about the message after we came home ate lunch, etc...but Joe came bounding in
asking to make a slingshot, I think he listened to the message...
we did just that and we made and extra one for Sam!
We searched the yard for the perfect stick and used a rubber band with a duct tape pocket.
It was simple and effective and reinforced the message from church that morning!


Fall Break 2015: Children's Museum - Ninja Style!

We couldn't miss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle exhibit at the Children's Musuem!
Our turtle lover was fired up!

They told me they were tired of pictures and would only pose for 20 more..
20, that is way more than I hoped for...deal!

 We were there early and beat the crowd to the science part, the boys favorite~
we also were able to sign up for rock climbing and get TMNT meet and greet tickets.

 That smile is DH up to no good...yes he taught the boys to overflow the water.
Shame shame.
 Got himself all wet...that is what he gets.

Belaying? - Holding the ropes for our climbers.

And then it was onto the TMNT show.
We had one pumped little boy.

Fun day topped off with Cheesecake Factory and Barnes and Noble...we took grandpa a piece of Turtle Cheescake since he let DH come along!
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