Fall Break 2015: Children's Museum - Ninja Style!

We couldn't miss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle exhibit at the Children's Musuem!
Our turtle lover was fired up!

They told me they were tired of pictures and would only pose for 20 more..
20, that is way more than I hoped for...deal!

 We were there early and beat the crowd to the science part, the boys favorite~
we also were able to sign up for rock climbing and get TMNT meet and greet tickets.

 That smile is DH up to no good...yes he taught the boys to overflow the water.
Shame shame.
 Got himself all wet...that is what he gets.

Belaying? - Holding the ropes for our climbers.

And then it was onto the TMNT show.
We had one pumped little boy.

Fun day topped off with Cheesecake Factory and Barnes and Noble...we took grandpa a piece of Turtle Cheescake since he let DH come along!
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1 comment:

Blake Callahan said...

I bet Joe was in heaven! Such a fun break for them and you two :) DH up to no good.... Lol