Family Pics: Forever Callahan

This picture has to up there in my all time favorites list.
It radiates love, laughter and admiration.

Doesn't Christine look stunning as well?  I love all these people!

Daddy and his girls

My parents would be so proud, no doubt in my mind.
So much love for the kiddos in this picture.

Dan's shirt needed a little help and he started moving the buttons down instead...

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The First Look: Forever Callahan

It might have been just as fun watching the mom and dad during the first look,
as it was being the bride and groom in the first look!
Mama of the Bride was adjusting Father of the Bride,
but he was busy watching for his daughter, so sweet!

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The Rehearsal: Forever Callahan

The rehearsal was so smooth.
Pastor Greg has all the details worked out and ready to go.
We ran thru once, cleaned up a few spots
and it was off to Biggins to enjoy some pizza!

 Pastor started to get a little worried when all Scott
would say was ME when asked who gives this woman to be married.
He just kept saying ME {loudly}
tee hee.
At the wedding he surprised Noah with  firm slap on the back.
DH predicted that {it happened to him}

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