Mighty Oaks Baseball

We went to OCU today after church and lunch at grandmas
 to watch the Mighty Oaks play baseball.
Today was Dan's cousin Lucas's last game
and we knew the boys would love it
It was chilly and misty rain but the boys hung tough
and we enjoyed the game!

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Little League Opening Day

Today was Little League Opening Day for the boys
We had looked forward to it for days {DH and I included}
We share in the boys excitement for all things baseball right now.
I love beng a mom of boys, so special!
 This is Joe's second year.  Daddy is a coach.  He plays Tball, his team is the Cardinals. 
 He wears number 10, hits coach's pitch so far no T,
bats right handed, wants to play a base, still goes after everyball (like the whole team),
tries to slide (so that his pants get dirty) at least once a game

Joe and his best buddy Paxton. This is what Little League is all about, love this picture!

And then it was big brother Sam's turn.
Sam's third year, daddy is his coach.  He plays for the Tigers in Minor League,
 hit so good today from the pitching machine,
doesn't care where he plays, wears number 10, bats right handed,
LOVES playing with his friends, facinated with all things Detroit Tigers right now!


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More Prom flowers!

Morgan carried this flowers last year,
but wanted some red this year
So with a few changes we made these!

And they do look great with the lovely couple!

I also made E's bout and Mo's garter,
had fun making prom flowers this year!!
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Morgan and Cole went to prom!

Tonight was Morgan's Senior Prom at Loogootee.
They looked so elegant again tonight!
I remember shopping for this dress with Miss Mo last year, the shiny part is a zipper
and it fits her like a glove, so pretty!

They gym looked great
my kids love their cousin Morgan!

And Mr. Cole William
went to prom too.  He looked very handsome!

And Miss Sarah looked so very beautiful!

Joe was excited to get his picture with Sarah

The Walker great grands at Prom

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We've been doing a lot of mulching, since DH showed up
with a big o pile o mulch at the beginning of the week.
The boys love exploring our "woods".  They are becoming braver, love that!

 With the help of my 3 men we turned some weedy areas into beauties!


I love Spring.
The promise of new that it brings.
Happy Days!
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Making Simple Special

Some nights, especially when I haven't planned ahead...getting home after six
to a hungry family leaves me scrambling!  Anyone else??

Well, score one for making the simple special tonight.

Tonight we made a ho hum dinner seem fun!
By adding a dop of ketcup in front of each fish stick, I got the boys attention.
They thought that was cool.

 My boys love fish sticks, ever since we read Charlie and Lola!
And to take hum drum fruit salad over the top,
I remembed a trick from grandma great (graber), add some colororful marshmallows!

Big thumbs up! 
And second helpings...score one for mama!
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Making Prom Flowers!

The best part of making Mo's prom flowers
was spending the day with her shopping for our goods!
She knew she wanted white with red accents...
we talked about the details on the way to Evansville
and we decided feathers were a must!

I laid it out right when we got home
sent her a text and got a nod

I began nippin and cuttin and gluein
that is a techinical as I get when it comes to flowers!
No tutorials here, ha!

She loved her garter and the bout!

And the hair piece was glam!  I loved it. 
I don't know all the techy terms for working with flowers, but I love it!
A lot!

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