Blessed Christmas Morn

Baby Jesus arrived in each of out manger scenes by Christmas morn.

It was the first thing Joe checked when he woke up.
And the presents were not far behind.

We bought our boys their first game system, Xbox 360.
They were thrilled, still are.

Joe's IU sweatshirt has gotten to small, he as some sort of excited!

Joe wrapped up Mom Graber (that is me by the way) an old raincoat in a pouch that I had stashed in the back of the closet from my college days.  He said, mom you never use this, but you should! LOL

Xbox coma

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Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve was flurry of activity.
I worked during the day but was off at three.
Blake asked Joe to go to church with her. 
I dressed him up and coached him to treat her like a lady and open doors.
I heard her say well thanks Joe as they headed out the first one...it was a good sign.
We met up with them later for our Walker Christmas
I took a giant traditional Taco Salad,
 even doubled it this year and it was still gone later.
 Love that the family is growing and we all still gather.
We also made these fun Grinch hats, Sam loved helping

Reading the Christmas story

We stayed late playing heads up and enjoying family.
Quick treat set out for Santa, Reindeer food on the porch

And a new reader for Twas the Night before Christmas.

And as I snuck into their room to place baby Jesus into the stable
for Chrismtas morn...

 I woke Sam up, he sat up and fell back asleep like this
All ready for Christmas Day

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Early present Tradition

The boys may have been as excited about their gifts to each other than any other.
DH took Joe for Sam's gift and I took Sam.
They chose well sweet, slightly along the lines of gifts they would have liked themselves {wink}
Sam got Joe the game Chutes and Ladders
Joe chose a Plane for Sam.
They wrapped and marked them for each other.
Waiting until Christmas Eve was all we could stand!

And each boy opened their Christmas Jammies.
Sam got a new robe and
Joe got a Ninja turtles }

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Other December Happenings!

We had fun a our friend's birthday party.
Sam and Joe were invited to Isaac and Jacobi's party at Camp Illiana
and once we were there we knew the other party folks too, Carson and Pierce
Very Fun Night and  Sam made it to the top!
Joe gave it a quick go, but quit before I got my phone out of my pocket lol.

Sam went to some basketball training sessions at his coach's house
and had a lot of fun at the basketball Christmas party there with friends!
Lucky year for me that I was able to get off work to go to both Sam and Joe's Christmas parties at school.

They also sang Happy Birthday and announced Sam's name over the intercom while I was there!

I was in Joe's kindergarten class all morning for a Reindeer workshop.
So much fun, his class is very lively!

 We've snuck in a few family game nights.
We concentrated on skipping meals out {unless invited} in December.
It was a nice little savings a little more time at home!
And some fun crafts

And DH finally took me to an IU game.  My boys have been taking my place for the last couple of years!  We are grateful that Dan's previous boss gave him some tickets this year again :}

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Snuggling by the light of the Tree

I rounded the corner headed for work and this is what I saw.
Oh how I wanted to cancel that long day at work
and soak it all in, they were enjoying their first day of vacation to the fullest!
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