Home Egg Hunt

Now if that is not the cutest little bunny you've ever seen!

The best part for Sam, scoring some left over candy out of an egg (from last Easter, yum...)

And the best part from mama? Sam took over hiding them, his version just consisted of dumping them out and them racing Joe to pick them up.

Celebrating my Eyesight

Today I met my boys and grandma at a little cafe for lunch. We were pleasntly suprised to meet 2 of my awesome co-workers there. Woundn't you know they bought the boys cookies as a surprise if they ate their meals. Sam was so excited when she brought them out. How thoughtful Fran and Jan. And what a way to celebrate mama's eyesight. I had Lasik eye surgery yesterday and thus far I am on track! I was so excited and relieved to see my babies faces again today. I must admit I was nearly overwhelmed with fear as I went into the procedure (let's just say that happy pill they gave me didn't touch me...), but I prayed. I also imagined Sam and Joe in the pool this summer without the burn of chlorine in my contacts or splashes on my glasses! Nonetheless, God was ever faithful and today I can see about 20/40! This will get better, I will report my progress and spare you the sight of me in my goggles...


Boys On the Go...

It seems that the pics of the boys are few and far between this days because they are always on the go. We took a break from all the action tonight and had some
Mickey pancakes at a local restaurant.

I helped Sam sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song during dinner. DH thought we were silly.

Doesn't this look so sweet? Too bad Joe is faced the other way. This one was more like a wrestler hold than a loving hug.

This is how we spend our time, chasing each other around the house.

The friendly tackle, somehow, despite the size difference, Sam manages to be gentle enough to let them just go at it. They both come out laughing...for now.

And then Joe chases Sam.

If one falls down the other joins him and they laugh the hurt off. Silly boys.


Dentist & Fun Dip

The day in a words...yep, it has been a jam packed day off and mama did not have her camera...DH drove off in mama's ride this morning with her purse and camera in it. Yikes, I admit I was a little lost all day but enjoyed the freedom of no cell and spent way less at Walmart with not credit card in hand! Maybe he planned it this way all along...
Today was Sam's 1st visit to the dentist. Man am I ever proud, he was such a trooper. He followed all the commands and did quite well. He has some shiny clean pearly whites and a follow up visit due to a cavity that needs to be fixed! Mama had a good visit, I don't like going to the dentist, but love that clean teeth feeling!
Grandma and Joe rode along with us and we ate at Snack Shack, had some great salad and sandwichs. A quick trip to Walmart and we were headed home. I had prepared the house for company tomorrow night (a college group is coming to share with our youth group) but then got word that they are not coming. Feels good for the house to be picked up anyway, anyone wanna come visit?
The boys fell asleep on the way home from town, so we tried to lay them down, but 1/2 hour later they were up and rearing to go. I finished some laundry and we headed the the local library. This was Sam's and Joe's 1st visit and they both loved it. The library was a special place for me as a youngster. It was in the same neighborhood that I lived, so I rode my bike there weekly as a kid. The library has moved to a bigger place, but as I opened the door the smell was the same. So many good memories of hanging out with Jennifer K, Amy S, Laura R, Rachel L and Nikki B all came rushing back! We picked 3 books to borrow and return in 2 weeks. Sam was beaming - he said as we left, this is a nice place! The librarian laughed.
We got some bug juice (that Jaelyn and Drew for the introduction to this) and fun dip and headed to the park. I think our park is nice and take the kids often. This was only Joe's 2nd trip. I can't wait for him to explore our little town more as the weather gets nicer and nicer...We are back home with Impossibly Easy Cheesburger Pie in the oven. I have a Tri Kappa meeting tonight and work the rest of the week, loving this spring weather thing!


First Chocolate Push-Pop

Joe is my "sweets" man. His Aunt Toni would be proud, she would skip the meal everytime for dessert and Joe is no exception. He loves himself some sweets, and the object of his affection was a chocolate push-pop. He ate every last drop and turned it upside down for some more. I love the was he approaches life...

We love Chicks

We headed to Orchleins to see the chicks this week. We went last year and it was a hit. Sam and Joe loved the chicks. It noticed that Sam asked some really good questions this year. It is fun to watch his mind grow. Joe wanted to touch them, wasn't so found of the humane society dog. He jumped every time the dog barked. We had their pictures taken with "easter eggs". That sentence was supposed to say live bunnies, but as soon as we sat Joe down the bunny nipped at his toe and he was terrified. So out with the bunnies and in with the eggs...


Double Hitch

It was a gorgeous day, so after work and supper we headed out side for 45 minutes of fun! Sam was really into baseball, was loving pitch and catch and hitting the ball. His goal? To get a Double Hitch...yep, I tried to tell him it was a hit, but he wanted a hitch. So be it.
Joe was satisfied with the lawnmower and chasing our balls!

Our new door!

The new door...

The old door...

The work it took to get there!

Thanks DH and Grandpa, we love our new front door.

Mama & The Boys


A daddy's dream...

Sam: Mama, I am ready for the red bird (he is working a puzzle)
Mama: Really, is he on the next puzzle piece? (Also, remembering we saw a cardinal in our yard about a week ago)
Sam: No
Mama: The one from outside?
Sam: No, the cardinal.
Mama: Hmmm
Sam: From baseball, mama.

Now that is daddy's dream come true. A St. Louis Cardinals fan in the making. I laughed outloud. I think he had a little help from his sweet friend, Dustin at the babysitter's house.

A mama's dream

Is a baby who loves shoes and hats. We are potty training Sam today, Joe is tagging along hence the lack of pants. But if he spots shoes or a hat, he wants them on. My dream, my mama of 2 boys dream come true...

3 years ago...

It was just the beginning...

This day 3 years ago, I was holding my first child, Samuel. Where does the time go? I can remember the anticipation of this trip as if it were coming tomorrow. The hopes and dreams of a lifetime of wanting to be a mama, all coming true. My fears of first time motherhood were being relieved as we just enjoyed our son. We were amamazed at his every movement, every sound, every cry. I remember not eating hardly anything this trip b/c I didn't want to take time away from Sam. My showers were quick so I could get back to see his face again. I loved being a mama, it was so real. I had a baby that fit on my lap, albeit not for long, b/c he was so big! He was the son that God had chosen for us. His plan for our life was revealed clearly this trip. All the heartache of infertility was gone, we had our child ,the one God intended for us from the beginning. I loved watching Dan be a daddy. He was a natural, very selfless and willing to answer Sam's call (he did better during the day). It all seemed to fall into place and I loved the way my family was created in God's plan. We can never know His path for our lives and must learn to trust in His will. I have a special place in my heart for Guatemala, hispanics in general, and hope to return there often. A piece of me resides in the Land of Eternal Spring.

Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done for us, no one can recount to you..Psalms 40:5


Nice Weather Fun

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous today, and this should be my day off. However I am at work, so I will post some pics of the boys at the park last week. The sun was shining and it was still chilly, but fresh air sounded good. Now...the mess we had on our shoes at the end made the trip questionable, but I got some priceless pics. I love this stage with the boys. They are so in love with each other!


Sunday School

Mama is so proud of you for being brave. You really looked forward to Sunday School and wanted to take your Thomas Backpack from Dryce. You asked about it on Saturday night and again when you woke up Sunday. After Children's singing class, your were ready to back out. But after mama talked to you, you wanted to give it a try. You sat in your seat the whole class and listened very well to the lesson about Paul. I helped you make a tent and we have page to color at home this week. It is my desire that you will know the teachings of God and enjoy your Sunday School lessons.
Bible Memory Verse: Worship the Lord - Psalms 96:9 - Hope over to Chelsa Knepp's Blog for a funny story about this!