Trick or treating!

Allison and I took the kids trick or treating on Sunday evening.
We beat the super cold weather, so glad we did that!
Mr Puss and Boots took fluffy the superhero

And Mr Agent P took Rally the superhero

And since we were making a night of it...
we joined the fun

Meet the taxi driver and the tacky traveler

Do you know my brother Scott?
I look like him, ha ha ha. Love it!
Oh wait he doesn't have a mullett


And we met some of favorite trick or treaters along the way...love them!

Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween from Puss and Boots and Perry the Platypus

{apparently I should dress my kids in costume more often so they will
pose perfectly with ease}


Learning Irregular Plurals!!

This was the first time we have seen a paper like this.
To say I was surprised would be and understatement, but
what was worse was that it really bothered Sam.
What was the issue?  Irregular plurals.
Sam said...I heard Mrs. Wagler but it just didn't go in my head.  
Bless his heart!
So we got to work, making folding flash cards
and practicing sentences with multiple choice

And was I ever proud and relieved when this came home the next day!
And the point he missed was punctuation, not even plurals!

So we shall remember that it is up to 
the men and women to sit down with our children
and talk to them about their teeth and feet and pet geese and mice!

Seriously, the English language! Poor boys are 
going to wish they could have stuck to Spanish! ha ha!

Afternoon Off!!!

We make the most of the afternoon's I have off!
We really enjoyed the last of the warm weather this week.
My mom always called that Indian Summer and 
it reminded me why she never put our summer clothes away until after 
it passed!
  The boys wore shorts 3 days this week
and we went to the park after school to soak up the warm weather!

We stopped by the pop machine and got 
DH a real mountain dew.
He switched to diet pop one year ago the 23rd...
and he said he would try one a year later if he made it.
He didn't mention it all day but we wanted to 
surprise him!

The boys were DIRTY from the park so we
took a long bath and put on our jammies before supper...
Plus we made homemade mini pizzas, one of DH's favorites!

And I tried a new receipe  for BLT pizza's.  
Didn't compare to Pizza Junction's but was still good! 


Pet for the Day!

Sam and Joe are super proud of the friend they found
at Mindy's.
So proud in fact that they have named him superman or batman for short (cause that is how kids think).
what's more.
Sam declared to his dad, Guess what dad, we don't need a dog anymore!


Beach Memories in a Jar

We find lots of treasures on our beach trips.
We also bring those treasures home,
 because they are important
and remind us of relaxing family times.
But once we are home, its important to pick which treasures
are our very favorite and save those special ones!

Every time we see our special jars we are taken back to these moments!

My favorite part of the new jars is the tags with my boys writing.  
Hold a special place in my heart for years to come!


Sight Word and Letter Blocks!

We made our blocks new again by adding sight words for Sam

and letters for Joe

As they identify a letter or word, they get the block
and can build as tall as their little heart desires!

Fun the bring those blocks that we used to learn colors a few years back
and learn again with them!!

Fall Treasures

Nature walks are perfect for collecting fall treasures.
The weather has been gorgeous.
This beauty of it all has really sunk in with me this year.
I appreciate all the colors and cooler crisp temperatures with warm sunshine.
We collected leaves of every size

DH and I have been working on our ditch waterway
creek placing large rocks and making it perty...ha!
The boys are loving it nonetheless!

Our buckets were full of treasures by the end

And with the spread, we made fall rubbings
talked about all the colors that we found
the reason why they change colors...
we tried the whole wax paper thing that I swear worked when 
I was a kid, but I'm gonna need to look that up again
because it was an epic fail!


Glasses like Sam

I just want to squeeze him.
His request from the dollar bin at Target,
glasses just like Sam.
And they have become very important to him.
He is very serious with them on
We have preschool pics tomorrow at school,
I hope we are able to make it there without them, ha!

Jello Popcorn Balls

We had a lot of fun making our version of  these...Jello Popcorn Balls.
After Sunday lunch at grandmas the boys love popcorn 
for a late afternoon snack.
We had plenty leftover to make these tasty treats!

DH didn't like the flavor, he thought he might like another jello flavor.
I used orange to make them festive. Sam LOVED them, he ate 2 right away
and he snuck 2 today while DH and I were outside working!


Football and ZooBoo!

I took the whole week off work
(with the exception of Wednesday because I had an important manager
meeting for WB)
with the intention of doing nothing after we returned from the condo...
but after 2 quick phone calls we had ourselves a fun full weekend planned!
Our first stop was to see The Smiths' in Greenwood.
(more pics to come)
We went to our first high school football game
 at Center Grove.
They know how to put on a show...wow.
There were a bazillion cheerleaders 3 squads plus a dance team
 80 football players and a whole production for half time from the band and flag team.
Seriously, Matt said it best when he said sensory overload.
I would venture to say it was more entertaining than a Colts game.
Oh and there was football too, LOL!

And today we met The Eashs' at ZooBoo
for an action packed day.
It was a ton of fun.
The Indy Zoo is super nice with much to do and quality exhibits!

I was super lucky to snuggle Mr Evan for most of the day, Sam loved it!
We watched and Elephant bath

and touched it afterward

Hay mazes set up for Zoo Boo

This man kept his map handy at all times

Racing the cheetah

We brought our cape and mask so that we could do a little trick or treating!

Sam 6 Joe 5 and Eli 3..last time we were at this train with Toni Sam was a baby boy!

Love them!

I feel so blessed to have such good friends.  We put this all together last minute, and I could not be more exhausted, but fulfilled tonight! Toni and Katie are a couple of my besties.  I love seeing them, developing those friendships that God gave me while at Butler, seeing our kids play together.  Being with them, makes me a better mom and a better friend.  So thankful for time to nurture important relationships