Mom and Joe had a date too!

Of course there needed to be time with Joey D, too!
I love how my boys are so very different.
Joe wanted nothing to do with staying home!
He wanted a Walmart trip (to score a new Jake and the Neverland Item, no less)
and lunch out.  He's more of an on the town kinda man.
But I must brag on the sweet gentleman he is right now!
He opens the door for mom and others everywhere we go and says...ladies first.
Love that!  Love him and our time together.

The Finer Side

DH and I enjoyed a weekend away downtown a few days ago!
We went with my work, so I had meetings all day on Saturday,
but we stayed at the Conrad and it was all well worth it!
Last year at this meeting the Loogootee WB team won honors that
earned me the King Suite this year.
It was ah-mazing!
We enjoyed the finer side of life for a couple of days, breakfast vouchers, 4 TV's, turndown service for bed, valet parking, and we even met the resident dog on Sunday morning.  I'm not sure who the owner was but they lived in the penthouse and had an impressive looking stately dog, ha!
We had a view of Monument Circle from our room
and down two other streets

We met up with our friends Toni and Chris for dinner on Friday night
and ate at Harry and Izzy's.  It was very tasty but the company of 
friends was even better.

It was the finer side of life,as some would say.
But once well rested, we missed our boys terribly and headed back to our acres in the country.
It doesn't come with valet parking, but it does come with all the comforts of home!


First game, First Basket

Here it is!  
Doesn't look like much? 
But it's a big deal.
Sam's first basketball game ever was today.
Here was his first goal!!!!
He was excited and loved every minute of the game!
We've been away for weekend and made it home just in time to take
him his game.
And as excited as we are about Sam's first basket.
We are equally excited about Joe's first basket, scored yesterday
while the DH and I were out of town with my work.
Hearing him tell the tale on the phone was just like being there, he was excited!!


Mom and Sam Date

Last Wednesday Sam asked for a date with Mom.
I mentioned it to Dan and he called his dad to watch Joe
for a couple hours while I was off work Thurs.
I surprised Sam by picking him up from school....alone!
He was very excited and quickly said we must go to the library.

We made a mad dash for this section of books, his very fav...all about the presidents
we check out 1-2 every visit.

I took time to tell him about holding the door open for ladies
and being polite to others.  He talked much and
was excited to tell me about his day at school.

He chose a movie from the library and asked to go home and watch it
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it was cute.  We popped some popcorn
and cuddled together in the chair for the movie.

DH and Joe came home a short time later and our date was over, but
it was a meaningful date for sure!

100th day!

Last week Sam celebrated his 100th day of school.
We made a poster for the hall..we chose to put 100 in the middle
and then add 10 groups of 10 items

Sam chose different kinds of stickers,
I penciled the dividing lines and he traced them
we filled in the other spaces with paint dots
made with a qtip

He made a special hat that he won't wear, even for a pic
and this cute book!


A Wii U 

In other fun news, paper is everyone at our home,
our latest is these charts created by the boys.
They makes shapes along the side, ask you what you have
done that day and then rank you among the others...

They each have a high opinion of themselves, I think I'm ok with that...
the world does enough of making us feel otherwise!

A boy, His Dad & A Basketball...

YMCA practice 


So Many Birds

Sunday after church, I happened to look at the window and our yard/field was FULL of 
birds.  As soon as I opened the door they went crazy.
It was so loud that Joe came running to see what was going on

They chirped and chattered on and on for a long while.  We listened, and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

Thank you God for showing us the beauty in everyday moments.


A Tee Parteey

The boys had a great day off school with cousin Mo, played all day while mama worked I'm sure.
They found out Blake was going to be home too!
They planned a tee parteey!
Oh man I could squeeze these boys.  They are the most precious.  I can only imagine their little minds and fingers working hard to get the party ready.
I got home from work and they had the party ready to go!
They spread their blanket on the table for a tablecloth.
Got out matching silverware (knives for blake and I), goldfish, one cookie, chewies for each of us and
Put fruit in the middle of the table.

Joe is turning into quite the photographer.
He said ( I know this is a terrible photo but I cannot help but share because it literally makes me LOL)
Sam put your hand on your heart and make a face, mom put your hands on your head, ok hold it, hold it.
Blake was fighting back the giggles!

I popped some tea in the microwave and found the green pitcher that Sam said we had to find.
Dad was home but he was not invited to the party.  The party was for four.

We chatted and laughed with each other, just like one should at a tea party.
We played a quick game of Outburst Jr.

Joe got a little ambitious with the dice rolling

We ended the evening playing duck duck goose.

We laughed so hard.  At this point Sam was supposed to be chasing Blake but
he got so tickled that he ended up runnning away from her.
LOVE that belly laugh.

What a fun evening!!


Fun Sunday Night

Chris text and invited us all to their house for homemade pizza Sunday night.
We gladly gathered up the boys and some hamburger cheese dip with chips and headed their direction!
I also made a butterscotch butterfinger dessert that was a big hit with both my butterscotch loving brothers!
Miss Sarah, my adopted niece made some yummy bbq chicken and chicken bacon ranch pizza..so very good!

They boys played some Toy Story Yahtzee 3...we love this game.

We sure were missing Miss Blake (Kurt and E-man too) but Joe made us all laugh and brought a little Blake to the party...
Me:  Joe, who is your Y-ball team
Joe:  The Farmacy Blakers
Talk about precious and hilarous.  
We all made him repeat it and I need to correct him...
but we are enjoying it now LOL. 
 He knows about the Pacers but has no clue who the Lakers are.  Love him.

And we met this sweet girl, Taylor.
And I was that aunt that made them take a picture!

Of course Just Dance was involved.  Notice the kids are dressed like it is summer,
I think they know they are going to sweat, haha!