Holding out Hope

Well, since my last post, my feeling have went from the top of the mountain to well, lets just say I am heading downhill. I am sure many of you have seen recent posts regarding the status of Guatemalan adoptions. I am disheartened to say the least. Here is the latest email from our agency. I think they remain on the positive side of issues if at all possible, read on...

You may have heard rumors that the PGN has suspended adoptions in Guatemala. We have confirmed that on Friday, April 25th a sign was posted on the door of PGN stating that adoptions are suspended until further notice. Although there are many rumors circulating regarding what PGN may or may not be planning to do, we have not received any information that we can confirm as fact at this time. Many websites may speculate about what may or may not happen, however, FTIA will not speculate without more concrete details. We will concentrate our efforts on finding the facts so that we can present them to you in a timely manner.
We know that this is devastating news for you to hear. Most recently the PGN process has been moving along at a steady pace. We would ask that you keep in mind that it is not unusual for adoption authorities in Guatemala to act suddenly without warning or consideration of the consequences for adoptive families. We have seen similar actions many times before and have always seen those obstacles resolved through advocacy in the US and Guatemala. We hope and expect that this too will be resolved.
As with any time of crisis, the information that we share now could certainly change later today or tomorrow. We will do our best to stay on top of the latest information and get the facts to you as quickly as possible.
We realize that you are each wondering how this will affect your particular situation. If your file is in PGN or has not yet entered PGN, you should expect delays. At this time, we cannot speculate about how long those delays will be. If your file is approved by PGN, this suspension should not affect the completion of your adoption.
We will be in touch as soon as we have additional information to share.

So, I cannot say I am fully discouraged, because I think there may be harder days to come. I am still on Cloud 9 from our visit with Joe. I have held him, I know that he is well. He is so loved and nurtured and lucky to be in a very good home. I simply wish that this home could be ours. I have prayed and will continue to pray for God's timing to be revealed. I know he led me here and will continue to lead me forward. Holding out hope for your homecoming Baby Joe!


Last post...

from Sunny Guatemala! We will be doing the morning rountine and heading out of the hotel around 10 am. So sad...This is the good morning wake up call. This morning he stirred in his crib for 50 minutes before we heard a cry. What a sweetie!
Daddy, we found alfredo at the Italian restuaurant last night and Joe loved it. You have got a friend, you will have to share now!
My little man all dressed up for the evening out. I love this outfit.
Mama and Joe headed out to the handicraft market. Joe was not so found of shopping. Guess Sam will have to continue to be my shopper boy!
Now this is CUTE. My spiky boy. Look Sam, dinosaurs from Joe!

So thankful to have spent this time with a new love in my life, Joseph Daniel Luis. We will be back as soon as God gives the green light buddy. I am feeling pretty positive about this little man!


After his foster mom scared us by saying that he doesn't take naps during the day - max 15 minutes. This little man slept in Mama's arms 3 times yesterday. This is my view looking down at him. Precious little man.
Out by the pool - loving life. Check out my cool hat from Melissa - it is checkered, we are sure that daddy would love it (ha)!
Thanks so much and dearly for my good friend Melissa coming on this trip with us. We have had a lot of fun. Melissa and Joe after our afternoon swim!
Look Sam, my stroller is Sponge Bob! I laughed out loud when they brought this stroller out for our rental. Joe isn't as much a fan of the stroller-he wants to be held and on the go!


Long Awaited Photos!

This one is for you daddy. My shirt says dad's tteam. We wish you were here! The puffs are from Melissa, we both thought they would be a hit. Joe is the first baby who isn't so thrilled about the puffs. He gets a really weird look on his face!
Our bath tonight. He loved it and was really mellow for an hour following. We may be giving a lot of baths when we finally come home.
Take a look at these eyes, this precious skin and innocent face. I could just eat him up! Don't worry Kia and Grandma, he is getting plenty of lovin (lobbin according to Sam). We spent all afternoon by the pool and Joe loved it as well. He was hesistant of the water at first, but then stayed in for over and hour!
Joe's styling in the sports Pub, Champions, - all outfitted for the event. Baseball bib and Colton's Nike shoes.

Stay tuned - more photos tomorrow.

An Earthquake???

Still not able to post photos?!? I did send out and email to several folks. Joe slept well last night, in the crib!! I resisited from putting him in bed with me!
An earthquake, yikes, we sure hope everyone if safe and sound.
I will try to post again later.
Besos from Joe.


Sneak Peek

We have made it to Guatemala and it is beautiful as always. Joe is absolutely precious. He has been with us for 2 hours and is a complete charmer. He is such a curious little man. He is healthy and never misses a beat. The foster mom reports that he doesn't nap - look out daddy we may have a wild one. She says he does sleep over night - guess we will see?!?
For the bad news, blogger is not posting photos. I will log off and try to email out a couple. We are loving every minutes.
Kisses out to the daddies Sam, Kyleigh, and Breanna back in the US!


One more sleep

I have one more sleep (ha,ha) until I have Baby Joe in my arms. I am a mix of emotions today - so excited to see Joe, but so sad to leave Sam for a few days. I made him a surprise sack for each day I am gone. Pretty sure that daddy will be just as excited as Sam to open them!
Thanks to God for work today to keep my mind occupied.


Joe's In!

Joe is in PGN. Found out last week and we are ever so grateful and excited. Help us pray for merciful and speedy reviewers for Joe's case. We'd love to have him home ASAP.

Just 3 days little man - I will be there in 3 days.


Big Shout Out

Because Eli is coming home! Congrats Steph and Jason - no one deserves this more than you!


Children's Museum

and a ton of fun with friends! My roommate from college Katie called last week and said her husband was out to town for a bachelor party for the weekend and invited Sam and I up! What a great idea! We had so much fun and had a low key, with little planned in advance weekend. The low stress and great time was just what the doctor ordered! So much so that being back and work today has been less than desirable!

Our boys, Sam and Patrick, they are 2.5 months apart - Patrick is older and very well potty trained, Sam, not even close---
All the kiddos, Kierstan is 4 going on 10 - what a total princess. She was such a lady and sooo much fun. The museum was having a vacation nation theme for spring break and the kids got glasses. Sam's face is so big that they were to tight to fit on straight, hee hee.
Coming down the Curious George slide. He would only use his belly?!?
Scary dinosaurs - Sam wasn't too sure about the claws. He was very scare of the dinosaurs to begin with, but towards the end, he like it. After we got home, this was all he talked about. Not the trains, or the fish, or the water&sand table, or the slide or Curious George, but the dinosaurs. According to Sam that is all we saw yesterday. It was so cute!
Our Palentologist - Once againg the goggles were tight enough they left a mark.

Thanks to Katie, Kierstan and Patrick for letting us crash your house and taking us to the museum. It is so good to catch up with old (meaning known them for awhile, not age old) friends. We are excited to meet Kierstan & Patrick's new sibling later this summer, too!


FFF - Obviously

Joe - Age 7.5mo
Would you take a look at this little man - I am speechless. I don't even know have words to describe my feelings. He is growing up without us...
But, I am going to have this precious boy in my hands in 13 days. Coming to visit and squeeze you little man. Prepare those cheeks, lots of kisses coming your way.