Cousins camp!

Saturday afternoon Aug 17, 2013
Cousins Camp
All the necessary essentials.
3 boys
2 sleeping bags
1 tennis racquet
1 bat
1 bean bag toss game
Giggles and plans to avoid the camera when they saw the mom with it.

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Sunday Start

Sunday we had a full of fun memories kind of day.
Many shared, heartwarming.
We enjoyed lunch at pizza buffet Biggins, Sam and Joe's favorite
 because of the games, I love the salad bar
and the rest of the Walker's love the PIZZA. 
Aunt Christine and Cole surprised us by coming to swim.
Sam wasn't interested but he was making us a special treat inside.
Welcome to Gameland.  It was for free he told us.
But there were snack for 25 cents.
In order to play we had to be as tall as Mike W.

We could play Monopoly Jr.

We played mini golf.  This was a castle hole.
There was also a Cars semi hole

Love love his creativity.
I surprised the boys by packing up and taking them to see PLANES.
Very cute.
We also stopped at this park is Jasper.
Very fun.
Then we came home at got DH and went to a walk a the track.
Very invigorating.

Finished our evening with Jesus Calling for Kids.  Love starting our week just right.
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I've been catching Joe jumping a lot lately.
Many have said it hasn't been a good summer for swimming, but
I find that we have spent plenty of time swimming anyway.
We are just pool people.

We've have enjoyed the NOVA a lot too

Joe and Cole, these two love to torment each other

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Learning Oragami

Our friend Gage Memering showed the boys how to make a Ninja Star
when they were talking about their love of Ninja Turtles.
We came home and began working on this skill.
We found that we could definitely do it!
We mixed colors to get an IU and Pacers version.

We also looked up other origami folds to make a simple puppy
and a bird and some frogs (that hop)

Then Sam said he was making gourmet breakfast..
I chose cereal

And was it ever gourmet, he put whipped cream on top on the cereal.

Then he came and sat down with us, so I asked who was running the kitchen

He told me he had put out a sign. haha, love him!

We pretend paid him for our foods

And then he challenged Joe and I to be the next best cook
and it ended in sticky spilled cereal by Joey G
but I thought I would share my "Breakfast idea"
I was going for the WIN!

And ice cream made him feel a little better about the mess!

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Green Goo

Enjoying our last week of summer we checked off some of
our summer events and came close to completing our summer bucket list :}
Making green slime was going to be a fun activity at Joe's birthday,
but the day was PERFECT for swimming and the kids were so content
so we just skipped it.
This was our trial run

We have mad some other stuff like this, I liked this one because the clear glue made it
look really slimy.  It did get more rubbery that others.  Still loving the teaching moments that come with crafts and experiments with the boys
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1st day of school 2013

Today is back to school.

Be still my heart, this boy is in kindergarten.
I am home alone, so I turn to blogging, my outlet and my therapy (wink)

I asked him why he put his hand there, he said it was holding his heart

Check out those shoes, found them shopping with Blake, we could not pass them up.
They are so Joe Graber.  They are so his personality. Love him.

And then there is my second grader who said to Joe this morning as they ate breakfast... Just remember I am always there. (clear lump in my throat) These are the moments that God gives us, the ones we will remember years from now.  I'll forget that I needed to clear the cobwebs from the light outside before I took pics (wink), but I will remember that Sam said that and Joe heard it.

And those shoes, I discovered they fit me.  I knew they looked big, slipped them right on.

And they wanted a picture with DH's new farm truck.  We are working on a name.
Right now it is Ol'Dodge, but Joe wants to call it fire.

We got to school and Joe asked us if could just drop him off, well no, but
he zipped into the room without us anyway.  His teacher Mrs. Kidwell laughed when I caught up with him, I think she knew better than to think he was alone, ha!
And I gave this big 2nd grader a cool high five as I left the room, but he reached up for a giant hug anyway, love that!

 Here we are again, Lord. His backpack is loaded and his face is
scrubbed and his lunch account is full.
And I know You’ll walk with him, Lord. You always do. But a parent
still has to ask.
Will You walk with him? Will You whisper to him what he needs to
hear, when I’m not there to whisper it?
Will You please, oh please, cover his school with the protection
only You can give, and will You keep harm far away?
Will You make his mind strong and ready to learn? Will You help
him understand that hard work honors the One who created him?
Will You guide his teachers, giving them patience and wisdom and
creativity and more patience? Will You bless them for their efforts?
Will You love all those children there, the ones whose lunch
accounts aren’t full or the ones who feel alone? Will You help him
to be kind and unselfish and to love those who are different from
Will You point him back home just as soon as You can?
Lord, I give him to You today and everyday, trusting him to Your