25th anniversary Decor!

Scott and Christine's party gave me a chance 
to get a little crafty.
It was the perfect amount for me, not to stressed!

Insert the part where I wish I had some sort of fancy cameo or silhouette machine.
But, I improvised an used my stencils instead....perfect match!
especially since the 6 could be another 9

Used a little mad math skills

And then a little photo, cause I got dressed and ready on my day off
to head to the thrift store

for some spray paint-able glassware
silver Christmas ornaments and a tray

And there you have, we used mix and match table decor!

LHS Volleyball Tourney

Our high school volleyball team made it to Semi-State this year and our student section did not disappoint - they choose a theme for the game and come ready to cheer!
This was before the game...4th grade buddies (and Joe)

Neon theme

And then there was this...1st time in the middle of the section with his buddies.
Yep, I am that mom, took a picture.
And I knew he had no idea what was coming when they stormed the floor
after the victory - but he hung in there and loved it.

Riding the roller coaster!

Our big Senior Cole (orange shirt)

LBC 4th grade champs

These boys worked hard to win their tournament for
their basketball fall league.
They were all pumped to get a trophy for their hard work.

4th Grade LBC champs...

I think I will never forget, but just in case...

Sam G, Luke L, Drew W, Reis W, Isaac W (back)

John H, Leighton J, Conner S, Brandon B, Jaybe W

Miss Isa...if you see this, Sam wanted this picture of his trophies for you!

LBC Fall League

Our Sundays have been full with LBC fall basketball league.
Love watching these boys play...
Sam loves this game.
He loves hanging with the team.

We still play at the JFK gym most games where in Loogootee
gyms are VERY important - so the structure is safe, but old.
But the gym floor and hoops- state of the art of course!
And perfect for playing a game of ball.

And I was doing laundry the other day and noticed,  I should probably 
let go of the 18mo hangers...his adult S shirts don't stay on them any

Peanuts Movie

The boys saw the previews and had to see the new Peanuts Movie -
I started them on Charlie Brown early, 
with the classics Halloween & Thanksgiving and all the good stuff.
Didn't think DH would make it but he hung in there
and laughed more than I did.
Honestly, my favorite party of the movie was the other movie viewers...
there was a large or several adult folks from group homes
there and they way they laughed with out reservation at the movie
just warmed my soul!
Joe even dressed for the occasion...mama worked part of the day, ahem.

25 year example

We have some great role models in our families.
We are surrounded by tried and true marriages.
I am thankful for that.
My parents would be so proud of these two...
On Nov 24 Scott and Chris will celebrate 25 years of marriage together!
Blake  at Forever Callahan organized a great surprise for them.
They had no idea until they pulled in a recognized cars
(that should not have been there for the party they thought they were attending)
They danced to their wedding song!

I helped her with the decorations,
reused her lace from the wedding
and thrifted some vases turned silver - for the 25th anniversary!
And their wedding was red black and white - it all looked so pretty!


Halloween Night!

We were pretty pumped about Halloween trick or treating this year
because DH came along.
He came a couple times when the boys were very young, but had not joined for a few years!

My super cute but still tough IRON MAN

My IRONMAN even holds doors open for the ladies.

HAHAHA, seriously cousin Allie got Joe good.  ME too, not gonna lie.

My Uncle John loves trick or treaters.

And our library was giving out free books, score.
This took us right down town during trick or treat
and apparently DH had no idea what it meant to go door-to-door trick
or treating.  I was ROFL at him  - he could not figure out why
so many people were out on the city streets.  I grew up with that 
and it was fun explaining it to him...

Our 2nd to last stop was at grandma's house - she had homemade cinnamon rolls,
beat that!

Sam went dressed as Steph Curry

Lane and Anniston stopped by too, we were happy to see them!

We ended the night at Will and Jill's where he gave me a shot
for some planter faciaitis I have struggled with for over a year now...
is better so far, even got in a workout video today!

Halloween Party at School

Last Friday, my new work schedule allowed me a Friday off, yippee...know what that meant?
A school party for me...I have missed a lot because they are usually on Fridays and before this last change I worked every Friday.  I asked both boys if I could attend, and only received a nod from Joe not Sam (insert mama pout).  But, I was thrilled to be 1/2.
I snuck this picture of my boy at his party.

He dressed up as the Lorax for Halloween - students were asked to choose a book character for their costume at school -
Sam joined in too and was Indiana Jones, once again.  He was at the age that he wasn't sure if
he was going to do it, so I didn't agree when he wanted the same thing as last year...and didn't agree about the picture, ha!
We started with some old sunglasses from home
and some craft foam.  (Ideas from pinterest of course)

And yellow spray paint (with supervision and then a takeover by mom, haha)

I also snuck a few pictures from Joe's classroom.
We LOVE his teacher.  We are so blessed by her and she reinforces a lot of 
the qualities we raise the boys with, very thankful for that.


Joe recently passed his addition facts, was one of the first few in the class
so I was pleased to see his reward on his locker!  His AR chart is looking good too.

And at the end of the day this boy was in a BAD mood when he told me
he had weekend homework, ha.  He only cracked a smile AFTER he found a letter
from Isa in the mailbox!

We also made these mummy applesauce(s)
for Sam's classroom!