Just a shooting

We had a mild day in early February that called for getting the clay pigeon thrower out.
DH had it all set up and started shooting before either boy knew.  We heard the shots from inside
and out side they flew!  It was much louder outside but they loved throwing for daddy.

Celebrating Drew

We celebrated Drew turning nine on February 9!
How stinking cute are these boys?
We had a lot of laughs enjoying Mexican and Drew!

Curry Valentines!💙💛

The third grader was able to make a box for Valentine's Day this year,
and only one kind would do..
NBA star Steph Curry!
So we set out with some stickers, cutout numbers, and clip art printables
and of course modge podge (and I got this kid to do a craft without him knowing it!>!)

I still haven't mastered blogging from my iphone...part of why I am lacking in posts and then just life!
So I am not going to fight it and leave this sideways, ha!

Both of my boys writing out their school valentines <3 p="">


Love Raising Boys

Life has been full and overwhelming lately.
My hobby has been wedding decorations!
But there have still been these moments...
moments when "my will you do a craft with me son?" gets his wish.

And my much less interested in crafts any longer son still finds interest in a "science activity"

And the proud mama moment when his school paper comes home with a mention of church as an essential building in his community

And spending a bit of time sorting box tops for their school

And celebrating the day Andre came home after his stem cell transplant!

And going to boy birthday parties!