Summer Tuesday

We had some fun on a Summer Tuesday.
We are not choosy...we will take fun anyday it comes our way.
A day off meant fun times for the Graber's.

We picked up Sam's friend Luke and headed to SkyZone.

They pretty much spent their time on the dodge ball court.
They came off sweaty and smiley and ready for Steak and Shake!

A quick stop at Hobby Lobby for Morgan Ann's shower this weekend
and they were in the pool and playing video games and in the pool again...
that is how the day rolls!

DH came home so the boys could continue to fun,
 I headed to work for a quick 2 hour end of the day shift 
(making up time for coverage I had last week for the Bomber Pool party from my friend Hanna - so thankful for other mama's to trade shifts with - we make the summer roll)

Joe adopted a Snow Leopard

This guy has been determined to raise funds for endangered animals.
He learned about them in a scholastic news and then did continued research on the internet.
He was fascinated with snow leopards the most.
When he had the minimum of $25 dollars saved he was ready to make his donation.
He ran to the mailbox daily until he adoption certificate came..
Love his compassion and giving spirit.

USSSA State Tournament

We learned more about USSSA baseball this Bomber season.
Their tournaments rank the teams so that tournaments have other teams with similar talent...
including a State Tournament AND a World Series Tournament (coming up).
We headed to Columus IN on Friday for day one of the three day tourney.

It was no doubt a large tournament - there were 21 9U teams that were waiting to play ball
but mother nature would not allow that on Friday...
And we spent the day making a trip to Indy to see our Brittany
and then back south to Columbus to join the team for dinner

We arrived at Upland Brewery in Columbus to a 1.5 hour wait (we had skipped lunch)
so Joe tossed the ball a bit with teammates and then we headed to Texas Roadhouse with Shad and Pax.

Rain delay was off at we played bright and early at 8am on Saturday.
It was a chilly morning, I was glad I had packed a light jacket.

We were on a roll and played well on Saturday morning, winning 11-1.
Love the life lessons learned on the field...kneeling  during an injury time out.

Grandma and Grandpa got up bright and early and were there for the weekend tourney!

Joe found my palm pilot from 1999 (yes that was the date when it rebooted)
and he has been attached to it.
He has a calendar in it and took scouting notes on the other teams he watched.
This kid.
We spent much time at the hotel with the team this weekend as we played at 8am Saturday and earned a high seed into tourney meaning we didn't play again until 8am Sunday - of course we waited until 2pm (after other teams played) to hear the news!
Sunday morning - same spot Bombers ready to play.
Alton, Zane S, Mason, Brody, Joe and Hayden S.
It was a gorgeous and clear morning.
We played a competitive team but our defense was on point.
We caught 4 balls in the outfield and a couple great plays in the infield, including 
a double play to end the game!

Back to hotel - break until 2pm.  Trying to corral 10 - 9 year old boys is a challenge!

We even had a Bomber dog at the tourney.
Lunch at Culvers - the day was gorgeous!

This guy might have done a bit of Sudoku this weekend...

We lost our game at 2pm - but not without a fight.  
This team has shown so much improvement this year - 
final standings placed us 5th out of 21 teams!  We were pleased with that.

Bomber Boys Pool Party

We hosted a fun and rowdy Bomber Pool Party.
Look at these rice krispie treats!
This crew.
They can make a parent smile for sure.
They have formed friendships on the field and off.  They have won and lost together
and waited out rain delays...they deserved a night of fun.

They played a lot of whiffle ball.
Can you see a faint orange line down 3rd base (more later) - DH and the boys got the place ready while I was at work (mowing, etc) AND painted a whiffle ball field.

Look at these beauties!
This place is the kid magnet for meals during cookouts.

Fighting over a ball or group hug?

There are those lines!