The Most of Long Summer Days

Many of our summer days have looked like...
And see how that says Work 8-7 for mama...
well the DH is working too
so we are VERY thankful for a Grandma who will stand in the gap.
I take pics and send her our schedule...and thankfully this was the fullest of our summer days.
This morning the boys had their pile ready for Grandma when she came to pick them up!

Basketball, Tennis, Golf and Baseball.
But, with all of that we are soaking up the best of summer!
There has been time for
Learning Bible Verses - poolside!
And baking special treats 

And marking our states that we have traveled to map.
We've settled into summer and are cherishing
it's early sunrises and late sunsets.
Fitting in the best of all that we love.
Summer is spirit animal, ha!

6th Grade Tourney

Sam had his first 6th grade basketball tourney this summer.
6th grade!
He has been enjoying summer basketball camp and now open gym twice weekly.
They were invited to fill in a spot in a tourney one Monday so DH packed him up
and they spent the day playing ball.
They played very well advancing to the finals - they didn't win the whole tourney though.

I received 2 pics for the day.

And they were both priceless.
This one goes down as my all time favorite of big Sam.
Look at that smile.
  He had been asking for a certain video game
and was willing to purchase 1/2 - dad took him to get the game after
they lost the game as a surprise.
He was a tid bit pleased...and enjoyed Steak and Shake with dad for supper!

Enjoying the Everyday

Here's a little bit of everything post because 
someday remembering the everyday will be very touching!

DH's and I share and icloud and I often find pics like this on my phone...
this one creeped me out, but it pretty funny!

And you can't tell, but far over on the other bank Sam is mowing...yep, I am in the pool!
Now, in full disclosure, I opened up the area is is mowing by doing the trimming and mowing the non-flat parts...but I was hot and it was his turn so a dip in the pool it was!
Joe is good and helping me pull weeds and has been helping grandma weed-eat this summer!

Joe and I took advantage of a nice morning and walked for exercise several laps in our driveway.
He marked out laps for fun as we passed this point - all in his PJ's -
I did not exercise in my pajamas!
I have been fitting in work around our summer plans {wink}
Some days it feels like there is no time for work!
Really, though, I have a great job
I have great people to spend the day with, I truly enjoy my job!
We have been tackling a new home care product reset this past couple of weeks
and it looks amazing!  We can't wait to get the products moving out the door to help 
people with safe home solutions!

And this joke was played on me last week.
I and then we (when I texted Dan a picture) laughed so hard at this.
I told them he does not like fruit in his tea....
And we were pleased to donate $800 dollars to Relay for Life for cancer research.
We fund raised money in April and May and WB matched our donations!
And our regular Saturday window washin' - I had to send a picture to Allison.

We fit in a birthday celebration for Jaelyn - Miss 14! 
She got this float and this is the only picture I got that night! 
Joe made a kite and grandma's on one of his days there.
It may need a little work as it was made of sticks and duct tape 
and construction paper - but that design work!

And we have begun dreaming of vacation home for a family trip next summer...
And most morning you can find me here for blogging and devotions.
I wake up early just to have time to enjoy our front porch. {Thanks Nicole}


Attack on Cole!

When cousin Cole stops by and you can't get great pics because you are too busy laughing at him.
Sam has been using some of his earned chore money on nerf gun attachments.
Cole had not seen anything like it.
And we heard...
wow, they don't make guns like they use to..
I'm outta breath...
These boys are tough...
Want to take a break...
I'm coming after you....

Quick visit but fun and full of memories for the boys.

The Hip Barn Roof -3 Point Line

DH and the boys acted on a wild hair to paint a 3 point line on the drive way.
There was not much planning...none to be exact.
I cringed.
They carried on...
and laughed and worked together
created our new addition...
The "Hip-Barn Roof 3 Point Line"

I cannot.  
But, it is only a drive way they said
practiced their 3 pointers for a long while after, and many days since.
And they are very proud of their new 3 point line.

Maybe it will grow on me..or fade over time.
Or maybe it will last for years to come and remind me of that day we acted on a wild hair.
One thing is for certain...there is no other 3 point line just like ours.
Be jealous.

Night at the Driving Range

Sam has continued his interest in golf this summer.
He asked to spend some time at the driving range.
DH and Joe were at Bombers practice and Sam and I took advantage of a night at the range.
He was excited and wanted a pic to show dad when he broke his first T

It was gorgeous evening - light breeze, beautiful sunset.
I could sit there watching my boy a long time.
He asked me to take a couple swings.
 I think he was prepared to laugh at me - I didn't do half bad!!
Time well spent one on one with my big guy.
Love encouraging him to explore his interests - the smiles were wide on this one!


Pool Basketball!

After basketball camp these 3 played more basketball, cause that is how Indiana boys roll...
it was some fierce competition.  They battled off and on all afternoon.

Sweet, sweet summertime.  It does not get better than poolside after a shorter day at work!

Undefeated Tourney Champs!

By Saturday, mama had returned to work.
Sam went to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa
and the other two boys were headed to play Bombers Baseball.
The big road to Paoli always causes issues for big Joe...today it put him to sleep.

Joe's team won their first game then Grandma, Grandpa, and Sam picked me up
and we drove to Paoli to watch Joe play!
He pitched for the closer and did a great job.

Bombers win!
We were back at it on Sunday after Sam and I have stayed for church and Sunday school.

Checking out the bracket and enjoying the shade.

Playing Jasper Blue Cats in the finals...
Victory to the Bombers! Undefeated in this tourney!

Those Loogootee boys

Proud family!