Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Memorial Day

We woke on Memorial Day thankful for our freedom and those who had fought to provide the America we love!

It was a stormy day and we had hugged The Callahans+ goodbye early in the morning, were praying for their safe trip home.   We had gray clouds out both balconies, storms in the sky.

We pittered (my mom always used that word) around the condo in the morning, 
I got out the decor we had purchased to update the condo.

Sam might enjoy relaing with his Ipad - he LOVES YouTube videos right now...watching mario moves and Dude Perfect moves.  He also plays chess.

We also agreed that we could enjoy some time at the outlets
and I sent Blake this photo because we had front row parking at the store in the outlets that had no parking by the time we left.  This place gets BUSY.

DH took these pics of his boys playing mannequin ball.  I love them.
Crack me up - Sam was trying to lift Joe.

We enjoyed our morning at our favorite stores and recovered with lunch at Five Guys.
We recovered from a very minor fender bender while at the outlets.
We backed into a guy in a big truck while in that crazy crowded outlet lot.
There are a couple of dents/scuffs on my back bumper - nothing to his vehicle.
He wasn't happy but didn't want to report anything. 
I just sat in the car praying afraid to look up (haha, I'm such a whimp)...
anywho it turned out fine!

The storms cleared and the sun broke thru - were we back poolside for some ball playing by afternoon.

Ha ha, I love him.

And them, goofy DH in goggles.  Oh my
All the action had worn this guy out - he slept the afternoon away.
I had not made it upstairs, I found some shade and enjoyed reading and soaking in the views.

We stayed in for supper and had fun with game night again.
We LOVE playing Sequence. 
Looking at my hand - too bad it wasn't POKER we were playing!!!
And because a day could not go by without going to the beach,
we headed down with flashlights looking for clams - idk
how to find clams but we laughed and loved our time in the dark, waves crashing in.