Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Travels

Starting our trip off right...
Our favorite thing to do is pick up the boys from school and head south
for vacation! Joe enjoyed reading his note in his book from Mrs. Truelove.

And inventing ways to use the ribbon on the trip.
The ribbon reappeared on the return trip combined with Power and JoJo (favorite monkeys)

We made it to Alabama before our 1st and only stop on the 10.5 hour trek...we did the same on the way home.  That is just how we rolled this trip - other trips we stop more, not this one!
So, we grabbed a little Southern Flavor - BoJangles - boys loved it...mama does not love fast food fried chicken, period.  But the sweet tea was good!
And Joe wanted to find one again on way home...he called it Jingles, or BoJingles or Jungles and we laughed at all of his words until BoJangles came out.

We arrived around midnight and Blake+ and Noah arrived around three or so...but we were not to miss
our 1st morning of breakfast at the Donut Hole.  Yum.
It was Blake's birthday and we needed to celebrate starting early.
She was even able to enjoy coffee....more later!

My staple is the Bacon and Cheese Omlet - but mainly I love the plates.
I love the classic emblem on them, don't see that very often anymore.

And our banter back and forth on the trip down.
If DH could get an update every 10 minutes, he would.
This is when we travel with anyone...I thought we might stop at the rocket exit in Alabama this trip...but apparently no one else thought we needed to.

We were filled up on breakfast and worn out from travels, set up for a PERFECT relaxing beach day.