Bonus Day

Yep, that's what today is, at least in my book. I used PTO for Monday and this was my normal day off, so bonus day it is. Wish it felt like bonus day... with 2 of us literally coughing our lungs out and the other one about as bad, I AM READY FOR SOME WARMER WEATHER, let's get the germies away!

Boy, wouldn't daddy be proud. Mama teaching her boys to save. Not that there is more to the story or anything.

And what would have my precious boys sitting so still?

Cars of course!

And this is the topper. My #2, the one who follows all commands to the T, but has chosen not to speak, brings tissues for his nose to be wiped. Then, brought me a tissue as I had a coughing fit...what an absoulte doll. Bless your little heart, Joe. I love you.


The Boys Agree

I think the boys agree with our day of rest.

God gives us REST

I had not planned on resting today or yesterday or even the day before. But God has other plans, and often makes them happen as they should. Saturday about 1pm, I stared to feel pretty bad. I thought it was just a migraine, I would take my medicine and feel better by the time work ended. That was not the case, I called Dan b/c we were scheduled to go to a woman's prision for ministry that night. He had already taken the boys to Grandma and Grandpa's for the night, he thought I should just go home. I laid on the couch until 6 convinced that I should feel better, but I realized that the flu had set in. By the time he got home at 11pm he was worried, and by morning wanted to take me to the doctor. Really though, I realized I was just weak and very achy and needed to rest. I did just that sleeping all but about 4 hours since Saturday at 3pm. This morning I am very weak and have not been able to eat anything, but still feel somewhat better. I needed to rest and God decided if I was not going to do it on my own - He would find a way. Albeit, next time I hope I feel a little better during His planned rest.
Thanks DH for being so helpful yesterday and encouraging me to rest again today, it would be impossible to give it my all at work. I cherished waking up next to Joe this morning since I hadn't held him for 2 days and Sam's smile seems even sweeter.

Exodus 33:14
The LORD replied, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."


Sam has grown...

The boys chatting about Sam's train...Jan 2009

Sam...Jan 2009

Sam April 2008
Once again my big man has grown. I snapped these pics about a month ago when he was playing on his bed. I knew he was taller than when we put this train one the wall less than a year ago! My how my little man has grown.


Celebrating Baby Andon

This week a very special family that I met first thru blogging and later learned to know at church laid their precious son to rest. My heart has been heavy for you Chelsa, Brycen, and Ryan. Please know you are lifted up in prayer.
Ashley, Dan, Sam and Joe


Happy Hearts Day

Here it is, my first valentine from Sam. I love it. He was so proud of this valentine that Grandma helped him with. He cut it using the "shavers".

And DH took me by surprise and sent me flowers at work today. He also got me McDonanald's breakfast - what a sweet combo. My favorite part of the flowers was the card signed, simply DH (dear hubby).

And surprises I left for my boys on my way to work. Sam wants mama's help with the colors, I am on my way home to rescue him!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - just hug someone!


Dogs in the House

Last night Sam and Joe stayed with Grandma and came home with dogs in the house. As I finished cleaning up from our valentine youth banquet at chruch (which went great, despite being out of power...), daddy picked up the boys from Grandma's and headed home. After a slight story getting into our house with the power off due to high winds/storms...Sam wanted to tell me about dogs in the house. I couldn't see a thing, needed to get the boys to bed and was trying to convince Sam that there were no dogs in the house. Daddy came to the rescue as he made a return trip to the truck to bring in the chocolate dogs in the house from Grandma. Both boys loved on them tonight after supper. Joe was slightly more destructive crushing his into pieces while Sam just licked off all the sides. Either way, they were covered in chocoate and ready for our bathtime routine!


Just remembering...

Samuel George - Almost 1 year - December 2006

Da Birds

This morning was one of those mornings that I wished could have gone on forever. The boys laid in our bed and played together the entire time I got ready. I would peek my head out of the bathroom to see what they were up to and they would both stop and look at me as if I was interrupting them. The chatter would start again as soon as I was out of sight. We ate daddy's mini-muffins for breakfast, then decided to feed the birds our left over popcorn from yesterday afternoon. It went something like this:
Mama: Do you think the birds would eat our popcorn?
Sam: Zes
Joe: uuhh
Sam: I can hear them, they are coming (as if they knew we were headed out the door)
Mama: (To Sam)Take some out the the bucket and put it in the grass
Sam: Like this?
Joe: Proceeds to pick up every kernel that Sam drops on the ground and eat it...

Yeah, not exactly as I had planned. I loaded a screaming Joe in the carseat as Sam dumped the rest of the bucket into the grass. But memories were made nonetheless. Now, if somehow that popcorn could be missing tonight when we get home so that Sam will have fed the birds and Joe won't want to eat it again!

Happy Birthday Drew

Three years ago today my dear nephew Drew was born. I remember what a sweet bundle of joy he really was those first few days. He has grown into an even sweeter little boy! He loves trucks, tractors, sports and are you ready...Prince Phillip from Sleeping "Nudie" as he calls it. His sister watches all the princess movies and he loves them too! He had a knight party and it was a hit! Everyone, especially my Aunt Cindy, got involved with the inflatable swords and shields. We love you Drew, Happy Birthday Buddy!


One and one-half

Thanks to Kia, Joe got a 1/2 birthday cake, literally. Mama decided some sweet pics were in order.

1&1/2, 18 months...it seems so old, too old for my taste. A toddler, home for 4 months, our son, Sam's brother, curious, understands well, follows prompts, doesn't talk, can't sit/stand still, loves our kitty cat, carries his drink everywhere, loves Grandma Jean, cleans out the snack cabinet, carries around kleenex or t.p., wants everything out of the toy basket, likes books, rocks to sleep, crib until mid morning, loves to snuggle, wears 12-18 months, size 3 diapers, size 5 shoes, plays with trains, watches Thomas with Sam (for awhile), still loves to be held. One and one-half years of pure joy and blessing to our lives, Joe. We love you.
Mama, Daddy, and Sam