2nd week homework

Sam gets a small packet of homework on Monday nights that is to be returned by Thursday.
He really likes doing his homework, {so do I}.
I love watching him figure things out, celebrate when he gets it right.

Tonight he was singing a little song about how to make the 2.

I caught these cousins with their papers that are on display right outside their classroom.

They are pretty proud!

Preparing for preschool

Wow, I just typed that.  I cannot believe it is time for my baby boy to begin preschool.
Grandma took him to the store last night to gather his supplies.
He picked the car pencils, orange box and green folder.
He wants to use his Spiderman backpack (we already had that on hand).

We went to open house tonight. 
we found his name on the wall, and before I could snap a photo,
he was dashing into the room ready to learn what it was all about.

He seems smaller that Sam.  He is emotionally ready.
We are working hard on speech, we need to see some improvement over the next
couple of years.  I am glad he is so excited.
What am I going to do all  by myself for 2 hours on my day off?


College Visit

Had a great weekend!  Headed to BSU to visit Blake.
You mean, we visited the 1st weekend.
Yep, and we had so much fun, it was soooo worth it!
The campus is very nice, lots to do and great food options, etc.
But it is still not home, so we took a little piece of home up to Blake.
I think we had a huge advantage because we took the boy, too!

Blake showed us around campus and then we grabbed some lunch, headed to the mall
for a bit, swam, went to Olive Garden, and then played lazer tag and went to target.
Oh, that was just Saturday.  We had nothing planned and it all was very fun!

Lazer tag was the highlight, we laughed, squealed{ok that was the girls} and reviewed the winners several times.  But it was pitch black in there so the pics didn't turn out.

I am so proud of Blake, her confidence away from home, her excitement with what the sememster will bring, her level head good decision making.  Love it...sooooooo proud of her, did i mention that?


Soccer Smiles

Sam is still loving soccer.
He is all smiles.
Runs from one end to the other and kicks it every now and again!
Ha, seriously though, he loves it and I love watching him.
I'm a soccer mom.
I'm good with that.

Brand New Kitties

We have some brand new kitties at our house
Born 5-7 days ago. 
I found them on Tuesday night, but just showed them to the boys tonight.
 3 little sweeties.  One is golden in color, the other two are lighter yellow, one has more white.
Our cat is male, and hasn't been around much at a time since this mama cat showed up
ready to have some kittens.  {pretty sure our cat may be the dad, so i feel kinda responsible}
They are seriously cute.  Barely moving around, pretty quiet, and eyes are closed still. 
Sweet Brand New Kitties.


Campfire Mix

This Campfire Mix was a big hit at our youth campout!
Self serve make your own style!

Gather some good trail mix goodies, our included pretzels, raisins, peanuts, cheese crackers, m&m and golden graham cereal. 

It would have looked a little nicer without the plastic bags, but was not practical while camping!


Hosting the Junior Youth!

We had the privlige to host the junior youth last night for their Goodbye/Welcome Party.  They said good bye to a couple of girls who will now be in the youth group and some great sponsors...and welcomed some new members and sponsors.

Such a fun age, they are funny and happy and carefree.
We enjoyed their company!  Hope they come again soon!
Best wishes for a great year!

One of those kind of mornings...

It was one of those kind of mornings.
Sam's juice leaked a trail from the kitchen to the back door as we were heading out to school.
I sent them to the van and backtracked with a wet rag and investigative eye to figure out where the leak came from.  With all this resolved, we drove straight in the skies above.
And I knew that God made that sky and that it was going to be a great day.

We braved the school drop off line {which leaves a little to be desired}
we have some parents that choose not to obey the no parking signs....grrrr.
And realize that Sam has forgotten his backpack.
Yes, it was in hand during the spill, but he sat it down when I wasn't looking!
So I sent him in and treked home to retrieve it.
We delivered it safe and sound.

We headed to WB to pick up a box perfect for mailing a package
to a sweet girl - a new college freshman from our youth sunday school class.
I put a quick coat of pink spray paint on and went to the van to take Joe to Aunt Jill's for speech.
Joe tells me he is going to be sick.  He coughs so hard from some yucky snot in his head that yes
 indeed he gets sick.  Boo, so in the absence of time, I take him to Aunt Jill in flops and underwear.
Seriously, who does that?
But I had a dentist appointment at 9am.  Pfew, I'll be back by 10am to pick him up and we are gonna get some stuff done today....
I left the dentist at 11:45am - seriously.
I was laid back getting work done for 2 hrs and 45 min...apparently I needed an overhaul on one particular tooth.  And I notice a large truck at work they are unloading a bunch of junk valuable items from another location at our location since they lost their storage space in a renovation.
Sweet.  Thanks for the rust-like-liquid that was drug across the parking lot in the back door and down the stairs.   
Seriouly at this point I was still in a really good mood.
I mean it is my day off and all.  How bad could it be?
Got Joe, got some deals at my favorite thrift store, wanted lunch but was still numb, so I skipped that.
And got the bare minimum done, seriously.
Time to pick up Sam and God gave me another great image today.

Thanks God that is all I needed.
Gonna be a great night at Walk formations tonight.
Just need a little Divine intervention on writing my talk, ok?

I have great confidence in you: very loudly do I boast of you. I am filled with comfort: my heart overflows with joy amid all our affliction.  2 cor 7:4


4th kindergarten day

Sam has kept track of his kindergarten days.
And for his 4th day of kindergarten he talked
daddy into getting him a milkshake treat.
Tomorrow we have our 7th kindergarten day, wonder what he will ask for?


Conversation with Ella

My cousin's little girl Ella
has always been a big talker.
While waiting on the bus to arrive with Sam after school the other day.
We had a nice chat.
If you can't tell she was a little disgusted with her mom.
Me:  Ella, I love your pink crocs.
Ella: Oh, my mom got those for me.
I've told her I have too many shoes....

{insert} this look of disgust, sigh i told  her to stop buying them. 

Ha ha ha, love this little girl
She's a hoot Jessie!

A+ gift

Two weeks before school started he wanted to make someting for his teacher.
I had picked up these transfers awhile back and thought they would be perfect.

He worked hard at placing the labels and applying them.

We were alble to convince him to wait until the first day of kindergartern, but that was his limit!  Mrs. K loved it, we think!

Look Out BSU!

Thursday I got the privilege to help move my niece to college.
Her mom and dad and I treked up to Muncie to move her mound of stuff into the dorms.
I dreamed on endless stairs and hot sweltering heat with no air and thousands of unorganized freshmen.
Was I ever wrong!
We joined several thousand other freshman in piling our stuff on the lawn.

Look how proud mama is when she was opening her door for the first time!
Don't blame her!

The move it was soooooo smooth.  They had volunteers that
helped move the big stuff up on hotel like carts
so seriously 2 trips and we were in the room
which with a fan was not so hot afterall!
Couple that with lunch at the amazing cafeteria {seriously}...freshman 50...
the move was great and it left the mood high for the day!

This freshman looks ready to conquer, don't you think? 

I think there might me lonely times, but I hope they pass.
I think there might me tough tests, but I hope you study hard.
I think we are gonna miss you a bit, but we know that when you return it will only
add to the lovely girl that you already are!

We love you Blake Martina Walker, Ball State student!