Spring Break - Clubhouse Edition!

Our new clubhouse!
After a jam packed monday later that night I decided to tackle this 
pin on pinterest...Fabric Clubhouse!

I didn't buy a thing...I just knew I had a white sheet at home somewhere...
 I did.  On the spare bed, so sure enough I stripped it off and used it,
just don't come to stay, my kids clubhouse was way more important that
that top sheet!  I painted what I thought was a supercute
clubhouse and left some empty spots for Sam
and Joe to fill in their names on their clubhouse when they woke up!

So in the wee hours of the morning, they put on the final and 
perfect finishing touches!

The rainbow roof was Sam's idea and it turned out great!

Other extra special touches...
Sam added a heart and star and I leve mom
Joe added hims name a heart and batman!

My version is much simpler, no sewing although I think I could have used it to tidy things up a bit!
But the boys loved it and played in the hallway clubhouse all morning long!


Spring Break Play at Home Edition

We came home from the bounce house and brought our inside toys out.
It has been a gorgeous week, so blessed to spend a few days at home with my boys!

I love their creativity and listening to their conversations
and I am reminded that those organizing totes 
end up not so organized because 
they are creating, growing, playing and making their 
childhood memories.  Love that!

But there was this bumble bee that just kept bothering them
so asked me to go get the 'slapper' bahaha...he was 
so serious about it's name that I couldn't even laugh.
I just got the slapper and let him play

I was near working on our overgrown landscaping areas...
seriously where did the weeds come from...this
began our 2 day fest to pull weeds, preen and mulch
3 truck beds full and more to come!

We stopped again for an impromptu outdoor picnic.  While I was grilling burgers {I know right surprise DH was spraying weeds at the time} the boys decided we must eat outdoors so we
dined on blankets, which blankets, the ones from their beds of course.
I began to correct them but then decided they could stand to be washed afterward anyway!

Joe wanted to eat on the ground and sam on the table, so I sat in between!

Joe ate along side Mo, he has been carrying this newspaper with 
her picture from the state championship on it since we found it on the newstands Sunday.

Spring Break Bounce House Edition

We woke up Monday morning and started our spring break
with a bounce!
We stopped by and picked up some of our besties
Kyleigh and Breanna {their mama stayed at home to pack for their disney cruise!!}
The Jasper SK8 place sets up bounce houses in the morning during breaks.

And at the other end there were these cars and pedal cars

This kid (joe) was all over the place.
Im pretty sure he wasn't supposed to climb in and dunk
but it was way to cute not to snap a pic before I 
told him (ahem) to get down!

I am telling you what this one has us on our toes!
Love him

And while these 3 were all worn out (until McD...) Joe was making friends with
the teenage boys running the place.

Great start to a great week.  


Playing Doubles

This sweetie had his own tennis racket in his Easter basket, but
Sunday afternoon was way to nice to hold out until then...
so DH said go ahead and we did and it was well worth it!

Sam got to play with his racket that gma got him for his december birthday

I'm sure it wasn't pretty... me and the DHubs playing tennis, 
but we paired up for a double good time anyway.
And Joe always brings our level of cuteness up!

We stopped on the playground while DH chatted it up with the baseball coach


and just to prove that Sam was having a good time...

We are having so much fun with these boys right now.  
I say that at every stage...I really do.  But they don't really require naps, enjoy
 the same activities for the most part, and because their personalities are so
incredibly different...there is never a dull moment!

Frozen Berry Goodness

Freeze then enjoy!!!!
Did you see this idea on pinterest??
If you were wondering it was a huge hit with boy #1
who loves yogurt and blue berries.
It is his snack of choice right now.  Pops a few and keeps on moving!
Boy #2 doesn't like blueberries at all and only likes yogurt that
has been altered so much that it doesen't look like yogurt anymore
(ie the yogurt sticks ha).


State Champs - Hometown Proud!

We found out from Morgan that the team stopped outside of town to take their victory lap
with an escort.
We raced from behind the buses to make it in time to help welcome the team back to
their hometown...and so did many others.
Cars lined the streets from edge of town and beyond...no other way to describe it
than awesome. 

We found our spot at WB and joined Scott Cole Blake and Kurtis, and the rest of 
the lot was full too!  So many people came to get a glimpse of the state team!!

The escort was fun and felt like a parade

And shortly after the homecoming we headed to
Jack Butcher Arena for the all important
PEP SESSION.  The crowd was fun and the mood was light
and there were a lot of people there!

But for Joe all this was just a little too much.  He fell asleep
part way thru and slept all.night.long.

So proud of Coach Wagoner.  He has given so much to the team,
ad talk about deserving.  He played on the 75 state team, coached assistant to Jack Butcher and now serves as the head coach

And it was nice to hear from Jack Butcher, the coach who started this basketball
crazed community!  He really highlighted how this town
is a family

And a most touching moment was when the boys gave a state champion medal to Kenny, their number one fan, who despite living in a nursing facility, did  not miss one game!  These players all give him high fives before they play

I think using the sectional runner up ball all year as their practice ball has helped these
lion boys focus and win a state championship.

Thanks Lion team for making history