Moment in Time

We took one of those super hot days and skipped the pool, could it be too hot to swim?
Nah not really but we have had an abundance of pool days (blessed by that not complaining)...
we used a link for salt dough ornaments and made them a little larger
to capture a moment in time
Ha ha...I took this picture of Joe printing his foot but we couldn't fit Sam's on our dough,
so we rethought that process!
We made sure to make holes for ribbons to hang

Baked them at 250 for 3 hours...cooled for a day 
and then we

We added a ribbon and they found their new home!

Decorating with Free Printables

We made a few more changes to the 
that we created for the boys!

We found new bedspreads...

and chose free printables of places dear to us
Guatemala, Indiana and USA
canvas of Jer 29:11
and the letters that I found by chance in the dollar bin at Target!

DH requested that the Sam (train) stayed so I am in search of one for Joe
to even things up...a few years later! LOL


Sophisticated Farm Visit

See those smiles?  
We saw those all weekend. 
 We always have a great time 
when our friends come down from the big city (greenwood)
to the sophisticated city (loogootee)  Ha Ha, that is what Patrick calls it!

We started with yummy food and coconut cream pie requested by Kierstan last night followed by a late night swim.  The water was still super warm last night but the night had cooled off so the parents enjoyed
visiting while the kids splashed in the pool.  

Aaron seemed so much bigger this trip, he will be four and he is a sweet boy!

We tried glow balloons (pinterest) but they weren't too impressive, so we just enjoyed
glow necklaces!

Patrick was missing his mohawk this time, but he still so full of spirit!

We had a quick breakfast and the kids were back in the pool before
the parents even had a chance to change from our jammies!

We swam all morning then enjoyed lunch at DM...
and headed to the farm.

Highlight of the farm visit was a ride on the pony cart from the neighbor.  

We swam all afternoon too, but I was too busy having fun in the pool !

I love visits from familiar friends.   So blessed to have Matt Katie and kiddos in our lives.
So thankful we have remained friends since those days in Room 00 at Pi Beta Phi, Butler University!

Can't wait until our next visit!!



Today Jill and I both went for the last of the four day basketball camp.
I really enjoyed watching the hoosier players and coaches work with the boys.

Sam looked forward to going and was ready early every morning.
I admire his confidence to go and do camps like this,
I was such a timid child (ha, I know not now!)

They had an awards ceremony today and all the kids were chosen for an award.
Sam got the defense award for his group...getting his basketball for Calbert Chaney

Autograph time, Jordan Hulls

Calbert Chaney and Sam!

He is an IU fan for life!
They all say they are ready to go back next year!


Sweet Summer Corn

Last Thursday the corn was ready.
When the corn is ready, it must be worked to freeze for the winter.
Joe's buddy spent the night, so they played all morning long

This year's dry conditions left the graber patch a little thin in some areas...this is unusual for this prime corn patch

But we forged on picking, shucking, cutting, cleaning, cooking, cooling, cutting again, bagging and freezing

I loved working along side grandpa great.  He works so hard
doesn't say much, but what he says is pleasant, and so I always listen
for what words of wisdom he has.
I had to think how many seasons of freezer corn he has worked.
He's seen worse years for the bounty, but he said this year
was thinner than most.
We both agreed that even our thinnest ears would be sought after
in some countries.  In the end our 9 buckets yielded around 50 bags of corn,
so we did just fine!

We were lucky that a few ears also looked like this

Sam loves to help mark the bags

And the most favorite job of all

taste testers!