Batman visits

Last night, Batman came to visit.
He was leaping through midair.
It was just what this sickly mama needed.
This has been a rough couple months for me :{
I ended up at urgent care yesterday with fever of 103 sore throat and body aches.
I was afraid I had strep again, but it tested negative. 
Janet was still curious so she sent a culture to the lab.
She gave me a shot and more antibiotics and I headed home
(thanks to the best rx partner in the world, cause it was my day to work!)
I slept all day, all day cause that was the only thing that felt decent
and if you know me I don't really like sleep.
My boys returned home from an all day Graber reunion (that I missed too)
and were determined to make me feel better!
Love them!
Thanks DH for the egg sandwich last night at 8pm, it tasted much better than crackers and sprite!

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