3 days!

3 days till toes in the sand.  
I may just have to run down there when we arrive in the middle of the night.
Oh i cannot wait!
Much needed.
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Thanksgiving Memories Too!

Memories of the Day of Thanks at Grandpa Greats!!

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December Memories with the Grabers!

Snow day at home today with my big boy and sick day at home with my little man..Ill play some catch up around the house for its back to work tomorrow again!
With Tyson and Shaylee's adoption complete, I can share some long lost memories!

Sam's seventh birthday!

Tyson's turn at pin the mustache on Mario

Grandma wrote out the Christmas story for the kids to read!

Dryce 10 Sam 7 Tyson 7 Joe 5 Shaylee 3

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Homemade potato chips

DH made us a super good treat a few weeks ago.
Homemade potato chips.
You gonna need to round up a few items for this...
potatoes, oil, salt
So not a healthy treat, but wholesome,
none of those additives that come with the bag kind!
Plus it was a fun way to show the kids where chips come from!

Don't judge our gourmet cutting board!
DH is much more patient that I...he peeled and thiiiiiinly sliced the potatoes and 
then heated the oil and then waited for them to get just right. 

Little hands, they did not last long at all.
{ Joe has one hand dipping in the ketcup and one hand grabbing more}

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The trundle situation!

It made it thru 2 but just not 3!
The trundle bed last thru my brothers Scott and Will
and carried me thru my college years
and has served my two boys very well too.
But it was no match for the three...Sam, Joe and Drew.
No match at all.
But it is ok says Joe he likes it this way, all crooked and such.
Suits him I think...I mean he is quirky anyway.
See those blankets, he doesn't like the new pretty comforter that matches Sam's,
so it is folded in the closet to avoid the fight.
Right now he sleeps with this feet and legs in a pillow case (that won't remain on his pillow)
and covered with 1 or 2 of the blankets that grandma made, no others, no others will do!
So until the tools come out, the little boy will be quite happy with his crooked broken bed!
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Sam's Yball Medal

After church and lunch at home Sam's
day of basketball started...the last of a full day of basketball for
this year.  He started at biddyball.
He enjoys this because all of his school friends are here.
It is all fundamentals and we know those are super important.
We also wanted to expose him to playing a game so he does Yball too

His yball team has been fun too

His coach Rod is so patient and kind to all of them
several also go to his school

He played pretty good today and was pretty agressive

They got their medals, look at those smiles

He also played his friend Brody

And Joe got to play the whole time with Brody's brother Brent
It was a great season!
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SmallTown Indiana Basketball

It was posted of facebook a couple of time yesterday...
Why would a town of 2756 need a basketball gym to seat 4500?
Why would you need to arrive at the gym when the doors open to get the seat you want
or even 45 minutes before to get a seat at all?  
It is small town southern Indiana basketball.
It was a packed house at Jack Butcher Arena last night.
Many had come to cheer on the defending state champs
And while the Barr-Reeve Vikings boasted a #3 ranking in the state and a nearly
perfect record...that one loss came from Loogootee early in the season.
And while both teams have many fans that can root for IU together, when it comes
to local ball each has their favorite!
Barr-Reeve came out the victor last night.
But the fans from both sides were there to cheer on their team.
Our senior cheerleader Morgan made us proud in cheering on the Lion fans
in their yellow state champs FAN shirts.  The cheer block was loud and the cheer block 
was proud of their Loogootee Lions.
My favorite part was after the game and after the loss when the cheer block chanted
Loogootee Lions and Thank You Seniors.  

And our Senior Sarah was one of the loudest fans.

Best of luck to the BR Vikings as they advance to the next round.
Represent small town southern Indiana ball!
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