Saturday Night Bowldown

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Friday Night Throwdown

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365. Week 8

W8. D1 - Over a year ago, Aunt Toni got
the boys each a Veggie Tales CD that sings songs with each boys name.
Joe loves his CD.  We were doing dishes after supper and he was trying
to find the people singing to him.  He kept bending under the CD player looking.

W8.D2 I found where my lost socks in the washer go.
More later.

W8.D3 - Sickies at our house.
Mama included = boo. 

W8.D4 - Senior Night -Senior Cheerleader

W8.D5 Friday Night Throwdown
More later.

W8. D6 - Family Bowling Night

W8. D7 -Proud of my brother Will -guest speaker
at the basketball pre-sectional banquet
made us laugh and cry and gave a motivational talk
to the team!


Senior Night 2011

Celebrating Senior Night 2011
We celebrated Blake's senior night last night.
It was exciting to watch her cheer her last home game.
I thought it would be bittersweet, but her excitement overshawdowed the sadness...
Now onto tournament time - sectional next week!
I got to help her do her senior board
and set up her display -fun stuff in my book!
She came over couple weeks ago so we could organize her board.
She knew just what she wanted!
It was my first time with a cricut - could love those!!
And it was heartwarming to watch my brother and his wife
walk out onto the floor proudly with their senior daughter!

And I tried to catch some of her in action but my point and shoot
isn't good for that.
Morgan is in top left corner of the "L" and Blake is in bottom right corner

And their pyramid faced the other direction but is impressive either way!

And during halftime we got some high fives

And genuine smiles.
This pic makes my heart smile!

And my heart LOL.

Love this senior - so proud of all she has become
pray for her daily and what she will become!



DH was on a quest to buy Sorry!
But the store I went to Monday night only had Sorry Sliders
I mulled it over a bit an brought it home anyway.
Totally different concept. 
But a ton of fun!
Monday night game night sucess.

Tri Kappa

I enjoy being a member of Tri Kappa service sorority.
My mom was a Tri Kappa and many of her friends are still members
This year both my SIL Jill and Neice Blake will be members too.
We take turns being hostess for the meetings
this month my bestie Melissa and I along with a super fun mom and daughter duo
hosted the sewing themed meeting.
Since none of the four of us sew, we did the best we could.
I dug out all of mom's sewing stuff.  I loved going thru it again, remembering again
where it sat or hung in my childhood home.
I was proud to take a couple of my and DH grandmothers quilts
In the photo above the dark brown basket is mine, but the light brown
basket with colored weaving always contained yarn at my house
We used it for latchhook, craft projects and occasional knitting
 (although I don't have a clue how to do that now)
The sewing cabinet hangs in my laundry room, looks much like it did when I was growing up.
It was handy for sewing on buttons and safety pins are in the drawer.
DH helped me make the yarn balls in the apothocary jar.
And if you look close my treasures {milk glass}  from the thift store were put the good use.

We took simple mason jars and filled them with all things sewing
(spools, small scissors, thimbles)

We had memebers guess #buttons for a small door prize
and had the most yummy cupcakes ever!
After our business meeting we made blankets to send the Riley Hospital.
It was a fun evening.


Headed to Grandma's

Grandma watches the boys every other Tuesday.
Joe looks forward to this day.
A few weeks ago, with slick roads and our early riser
Daddy said he would take Joe to Grandma's so she didn't have to drive on our roads.
He has not forgotten since.  Somehow knows when this day comes around
every other week.
Today was that day.  He woke up before DH's alarm
asked DH  - go wit u daddy?
We got up to pack DH's lunch {yep, i do that}
and Joe wanted his own lunch.

Happy Early Morning Baby boy.


Guatemala 900

Take a minute and follow this link.
These are letters to the children still living in Guatemala.
Children promised to families in the US
that have not made it home to their forever families
I have prayed and felt my heartache for each of these families.
We are forever grateful that our adoptions were completed.

Praying especially for Baby Nola.

365. Week 7

W7. D1 - Grandma and Papaw came for Valentine supper-papaw
stayed to help Joe open his new present.

W7.D2 - Bedtime Teeth Brushers

W7.D3. - Roasted Red Pepper Marinated Chicken over Alfredo noodles

W7.D4 - Worked on sweet seniments for niece's spiritual walk over weekend

W7.D5  - Sponge tracks

W7.D6 - Steak and Shake Shake
{and yes, those are stickers stuck to my van window}

W7.D7 - Sunday 6am - no hot water
Papaw and DH fixed it all up on Sunday afternoon.
Mess in basement seemed to dry up on its own.
I will assess the damage later...



Behind Closed Doors

Things had gotton kinda cramped
behind closed doors.
And so today
with no real plan in mind,
I sprung into action.
And in 3 hours came up with
3 donation bags
3 trash bags.
I started here
{see why?}
Seriously we need a place
for our lunch boxes besides the middle of the cabinet.
And this was one of those projects that lead to other

And I finally gave into letting things like this go

And even emptied a drawer in the process, sweet!

This project lead to organizing this drawer
and the cabinet above it!

And then the freezer
got an organizing touch

We are so blessed with grain feed fresh beef
from the farm, we are ready for a new shipment anytime~

And this cabinet is a Clutter Collector~
But feels much better now!

Ah!  I feel better
Too bad I don't have a couple more days off
I would have this whole place in tip top shape!!
Now to keep it this way... behind closed doors!