The Indian On My Porch

Tuesday there was a little Indian on my porch.

He asked to use this sheet, he was certain it was an old sheet
It was not.
But, he got to use that sheet anyway, because it will wash.
He made himself a tepee with that sheet
and the sticks that had taken up permanent residence in my landscaping,
I just pretend they are not there or that they are large mulch chunks.  

And then he turned his tepee into a condo while I washed the dishes.
I had quite the view of the worker bee.

And then the Indian was hungry and he asked what they might eat?
Nuts and berries he thought, and I knew a normal paper sack would not do.
So while he got the perfect stick for me, I found one of my dad's old handkerchiefs.
And never mind the plastic bags - we did the best we could)

He went back to camp.

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Camping at Boggs

We took a spur of the moment  trip to camp at West Boggs Park last weekend.
Boggs is exactly 4 miles from where were live,
but setting time aside - distraction free, 
it felt like world away.

WB sent me to a Franklin Covey Planning Course and it 
reminded me what a distraction our convenient cell phones are.
I had decided to log off for the weekend and God confirmed that
when the park didn't have service.

Scott, Chris, Cole and Morgan said they were camping so we decided to join them.
Joe knew for one too many days..meaning he went into planning mode
and made a box for all he items he needed for camping
a list of camping rules (that were really pretty great).

We borrowed grandma and grandpa's camper for the trip

Sam's request was to bring his chess set, this kid is good at this.

Will, Jill and Drew came out Friday night and Drew ended up staying with us, which we loved.

We played a bunch of rounds of Scott's washer game
and wore a lot of the same clothes (I notice as I review these pictures)

It was a PERFECT August weekend to camp, very unusual chilly nights/mornings
that made the campfire feel great, felt more like October

These three played several rounds of scavenger hunt, leading each other to clues around
 the campsite.  Morgan joined them too.

Most of us slept good - DH, ahem, left at 5am to go home and shower, haha
He was struggling - left again Sunday morning (but went back to sleep that time)
That may have been when it was perfect that Boggs was only 4 miles from home.

 Mama also had to leave her OCD radar at home,
yeah I may have had to take a deep breath here.

DH took the boys on golf cart rides to watch an airplane show 
while Mo and I went Yaking!
Yep, and I LOVED it.
I would go again in a heartbeat.

Loved spending time with Morgan on the shores of Boggs Lake, looked
at the lake home, tons of tadpoles, a few turtles, a crane, and Morgan's 3 headed fish, lololol. - all
that while dodging the boats.

I thought it was great exercise but very relaxing.  I could get hooked.
We loaded up and talked the boys into checking out the beach.
This beach was the Bomb when I was very young.
I remember swimming here a lot with my Walker cousins.
My brother Scott remembered spending much time her as a young teen.
It was the place to be, with music a high dive volleyball courts, etc.
He said it was always the goal to sit on the benches at the back of the beach because that is
where all the cool kids sat.
It has fallen out of favor, but being here reminded me of all that.
It was late afternoon, there were a few others there

 Joe swam out to the high dive platform (board isn't there any longer)
and swam around for a bit.
I think this life jacket made it hard for him to get there,
but I wasn't taking any chances, if he was going out where he couldn't touch told him he had to have a jacket!

 And then Morgy and I had the discussion if it was Boggs or Bogg's -so we used the driftwood
to make the apostrophe...
 Late afternoon trail rides on the golf cart

Yes you can have your 3rd smore of the day.

Then we decorated for some sweet twins' 2nd birthday party.

Late night walks, showers in the bath house, staying up late by the campfire talking with your brother
after everyone else goes to bed.  
So thankful for a weekend to create memories and mounds of laundry.

Hot cocoa on our last glorious morning.

Morning craft time while DH graciously packs up

And a round of mini golf at the activity center

What a weekend to pause and recharge.
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