Joe's Ninja Turtle Party!

I may have taken a lot pictures and chose to post almost 30 here
too many? Nope my blog, I get to decide.
I just love this little toothless wonder.
He is so full of life,
my social bug,
lived for this day.
I loved making it special for him.
He asked for a TMNT theme.

His favorite Blakey and her monster cookies,
Noah was spot on, Joe noticed right away.

Joe invited a few of his friends and all of his close cousins.

It was a smoking hot Sunday afternoon,
All of Joe's favorites were able to come.

Aunt Jill opened the ice cream
to find
Ninja Turtle face!!!!

 Joe wanted 2 layers, Sam chose this one with the sewer lids.
Grandma did really great, check out those chocolate ninja turtles

 I love his jokster spirit.  He is so full of it.

Morgy the baby magnet with Stoll cousin Madeline

Toasting to Joey D

Sam wanted to get Joe a Heat Jersey - we found Chris Bosh,
Joe was pumped

I surprised Joe with a Disney book he asked for
The Isle of Lost -goes with Enchanted the Movie
He was a little bit excited.
He got some money, knex sets, TMNT blaket, flarp,
hover ball, cards (on his list), and his favorite candy M&Ms

Aunt Christine hid money inside a candy jar.  He was pretty fooled.

Drew with the photo bomb

Tye T. Mason B, Brody G, Joe, Pax A, Tyson, Dax L.
Drew lounging in the back!
 Seems like our yard begs for whiffle ball every time we gather, love it.
We are so blessed with friends and family who love to celebrate with us.
Joe was so pleased with his party and all the fun he had.
He was one worn out 8 year old!
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