GrabersGoWest: Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco was blitzing cold for summertime!
We took a tour out to see the Golden Gate Bridge and it was a favorite,
but it was WINDY.
DH and I taking a selfie...the boys are crouched down below the seats.

Excuse the hot mess of my hair.

The ride was so worth it, the view was incredible.

The bridge is a  rusty orange, there was an argument over the color the city originally wanted it _gray and the coast guard said no way, can't see it in the fog.  So it began coming in from the factory in..you guessed it orange and the builder liked it -so there is its' signature color.
It spans across the Golden Gate Straight - water between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  It was named 2 years before any Gold was discovered in CA.
It cost $7 by car to cross the bridge (we paid that online).

We could be see back into San Francisco from the north side of the bridge.
Alcatraz as well!

We ate lunch here and it was very good.
It had a line almost out the door all.day.long.

DH joined in on the Wii fun

We also took a night tour after relaxing back in the room a bit.
The night tour did the financial/residental area, also very cool

We learned a lot about living in San Francisco, the cost the average 1 bedroom apartment/condo was $3500/month rent.  Whoa!  The area is 7x7 miles so space is at a premium.

Both of our boys feel asleep on this tour so we stayed on at one of the stops.
I'm not really sure what they were taking pics of anyway so we just relaxed and wished the bus
was parked in the sun

 passing a street car
We ended our night at Rainforest Cafe, first time for us (at least with our kiddos).Joe loved all the sights and sounds and completed the scavenger hunt.
Sam was not as convinced that it was the place to be, little too loud and wild.
He did fine, but think he prefers a quieter spot.

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