GrabersGoWest:Pier 39

We found a Walgreens on Fisherman's wharf and enjoyed granola bars for breakfast.
We were walking down to Pier 39.

 Sam was all about Golden State Warriors (big fan for almost a year now, studied all about where we
were staying and where the stadium was in Oakland) and he scored some new socks.

 We enjoyed the aquarium here at the pier.  It was a smaller place, but the price was on the lower end as well. It had been a long while since we had been to an aquarium.

Sam said, it looks like the guy keeps smiling at me.

The seals were a big highlight and they were free.  The docks are usually full
but it was mating season and most had gone south for that.
They were the leftover MALES, that's my story anyway

The view back at the cityscape from Pier 39 was also great.
We could see Coit Tower and TransAmerica Tower.

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