This week...

I've still been having a great time 
with my phone camera app...so much so that I'm guilty of leaving the
good camera lay...oops!
Anyway, enjoy our week!

first spelling test and first reader
 (the keys are not to his first car, they don't have any significance that I know of, ha)

I'm so proud of how Joe's letter recognition has improved since the beginning of summer.
After this year of preschool we will surely be ready for K!
He worked so hard at identifying and connecting his alphabet at the dentist today

We got to pick up Drew and Jaelyn from school today...love that!

Some Storms

Most of the day at the condo look like this.
Perfect sunshine and calm breezy conditions, Our visits have looked like this.  
But we (along with the other owners) have endured a couple big 'storms' from afar,
 times that looked a little uncertain.
In those times, we rely a lot on our resort management company and they have 
really been great.
But we mostly rely on God's plan! 
We purchased the condo in 2010 as an investment/enjoyment property.
A couple months after we bought the 
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill happened, oh my!
Rentals were slow that summer, but by the time we traveled in September
this was the only evidence left and it remained empty, thankfully!
We saw no evidence of the oil spill

 This week brought
Hurricane Isaac that threatened the Fort Walton Beach area too

This picture shows the pier just down from our condo

But, we are thankful that the path did not hit Fort Walton, and are saddened that it hit other areas.
Other areas, that already have disaster from years past.  
We are thankful today for God's protection in the storms!
He does hear our prayers no matter how small.


Cousins at College

We visited Blake on the first weekend of college last year...
and hated to break tradition.
She is a little closer this year and we do like that!  
So we grabbed Allison and went to visit Blake and Kurtis.
Drew and Jaelyn were over swimming all day so we just took them along 
to surprise Blake!

Gattitown picture overload!

Dan and Kurtis played Hoops twice (twice because K won the first time by 2)
 he won the second time by 2, too haha~
Joe was attached at the hip to either Blake or Kurtis the whole night!

Sam rode the bumper cars for the first time and his smile was
well worth it!

We made a quick trip over to campus to see Blake's new apartment.  She has a lot more room than the dorms, but DH and I both agree that it looks smaller than when he went there!
Seeing them again sure brought back a few memories!


1st grade so far

He is lovin it.  And I am lovin this picture.
One day this week he was the student of the day.
I love seeing his answers, and judging from that list I am going to be a dog mom someday!

He also took in some pictures of his favorite people and things!

After a trade last week I was off on Friday, I called DH about noon and told him to take off a little early if he could to come pick up Sam from school.  It didn't work for him to do that at all last year.

Can we say excited when he saw that his race car was picking him up!

An afterschool rice krispie heart!

And a shirt for the rag bag... uh huh.
Sam came walking toward me and I saw the big hole.
I asked him about it and he said his scissors did it.
He said...I didn't know that would happen. 
Oh my!  

Soaking Up The Sun!

Soaking up the Last Bits of August!


Mama Won Golf!

We love playing mini golf, but found ourselves
saying No to the boys several times this summer
due to the heat!  
But last night we played and had a lot of laughs

I must record b/c it is rare that DH had a rough night.
He was in the water twice.  
I am certain that if we had kept score I would have won

It was a perfect night for a NOVA ride too!

I used a new Camera App, played around with my hobby while DH was driving his!

Ha ha,do you like my new lipstick shade, LOL, fun effect~