Spare Change

I love finding opportunites to teach in our everyday lives.
I think I should stop more often and do so.
Today we turned our spare change into cash for vacation.
The boys have worked hard saving their change.

With just enough time before picking up Morgan for a pedicure (loved it!!), we dashed to the bank.

I explained to the boys that the teller would take our change and give us dollars.
I feared Joe might break down when his change didn't return.
We are so lucky to know our friendly bank folks at German American...
and they invited us back to the change machine.

Watching it get sorted.
Our friend Judy separated the money into equal amounts for each boy.
The $.12 cents went over this railing and into the fountain below.
Sam's next question was...mama do you think these dollars will float.
{Yikes, No, Sam, don't throw those over the railing.}

I know they don't really understand the full concept of money yet.  But,
I would like to teach them to be wise stewards of their money.


Vacation Tshirts...

So, I set out to find some super Spring Break shirts.
Just for fun.
Well, just for fun to me didn't mean $25-$30/piece.
That is all the internet had to offer, so I decided I could create some.
That might have been a little too lofty a goal for measly ol' me.
But, I didn't realize that until well, you know how that goes...

Kia and ML are so super excited about this vaca.
Kia and I work for the same company but different locations (boo),
she sends emails and faxes daily to update about
how long until we leave.
She also tells alllllllllll coworkers about it.
ML calls, too, so excited they are.
It is contagious, so I thought they would love shirts that we could all wear together.
And since they love me, they would be forgiving at my 1st attempt at wonder under.

I made these shirts for Kia and I...
the inspiration was this material that is bought in scrap packs at Walmart...

Cut into strips and on the wonder under, ready to be cut out and ironed on shirts...

Sam's shirt

ML's shirt
and my attempt at the instructions, remember it was late

I cut my templates free hand from card stock, then traced them onto the material.
Adhere the material to wonder under with iron

That shiny stuff is how it should look.
If iron is too hot, or not hot enough the adhesive doesn't all come off...

Iron onto shirt.  This is where I learned about the image reversing,
but it didn't matter with Joe's shirt, so I went with it.
And voila...

DH thought this was 3 sharks, I could see that.
I meant it to be waves, anyway same concept, right!!
I got this idea from this catalog I got in the mail.
Their $18 price looked high, but I am reconsidering...
especially after I washed and dryed them to test them out.
I had some repairs to do...
All in a day's night's work...

Really looking forward to this vaca...only 2 days away!


My First Mudpie

It is a mudpie with an apple on top (the round dirt clod)
  My first mudpie, that is why I am proud.
It was made by these hands.

and these hands.
It took all four hands to make a mudpie so handsome.
And enough time for DH and I to pull out
some old bushes to make way for new ones.
I love my first mudpie.
Patted with love, shared with pride.

If making mud pies is the small sons's wishes

Give him plenty of mud and the discarded dishes!



Can anyone guess what this is?
And why I would be so proud?
Give ya a day...

Sweet Paper Flowers

Sweet Paper Flowers...
Yesterday, I needed a touch of green to honor St. Patty's day.
So I made a quick pin, and it really got my mind a churning.
So many uses for these fun, super easy flowers.
Stay tuned for more uses!!
3 layers of scrabooking paper, a single brad, and a leftover pin...

I cut my 1st circle just larger than the pin I glued to.
Found some items laying around as a guide for the inner circles.
I am not into measuring...sorry.
Curled the edges around a pencil and distressed the paper with a gold ink pad.
I also handed the circles to Joe for him to add his own distressing.
Sam was still sleeping.
Seriously, a hole punch, too sophiscated for me.
I used an eyeglass repair kit screwdriver that was stashed in the drawer!

Secure with a brad and glue to your pin!
And just for fun I made 3 in a matter of minutes, seriously!
And just think of the possibilites...

Long Road Home

Yesterday, we laid my cousin Trenton, age 25, to rest eternally. 
About 3 years ago, we laid his older brother, age 34, to rest
and 15 years ago we laid their father to rest. 
All died before their time of heart failure
He leaves behind his mama, 2 sisters, 1 niece, 3 nephews and 1 on the way.

Being transparent, I was not prepared for how emotional it would be.

It was difficult to see my Aunt Becky greiving, to see her granddaughter trying to comfort her. 
It was even harder to see his young friends all gathered to console one another.

But, in the midst of the grief, I saw people not taking one another for granted. 
I enjoyed the tributes that were given in honor of Trent.
I cherished being with my dad's family and being transparent with our grief.
Because that emotion is real, we lost our family member.

Most of all I enjoyed the backroad ride home with my 2 brothers. 
We took the long way home, chatted and laughed together. 
We used to go on drives a lot with our parents in the early 80s, in my dad's chevy truck.
Back slider window open, all cramed together, turning the dial radio to find a county tune.
{I don't remember elbowing each other jockeying for space, although I am sure we did.}
I do remember laughing as the wind blew our hair on lazy Sunday afternoons.
I remember sitting on my mom's perfect lap and my dad's GPS of the backroads.

The only thing missing on our drive home yesterday was our parents, but somehow I think they were there.
And somehow I think they are cherishing their time in heaven, reaquainting with their nephew.


Right Now

Right now at our house we are in that in between stage.
That in between nap stage.
This one claims he does not need a nap.
We generally have a conversation about this.
Today this conversation included this one liner from Sam.
But mama, I just don't have any yawns.

He prefers to play quietly after preschool.
He does well until late afternoon
When this one, who most definitely still needs a nap, decides to wake up.

And then the world of no nap and full of energy meet.
This is not a force I wish to recoken with.

I am thankful for all the stages.
Did I mention that I really liked the everyone takes naps stage?


Rub a dub dub, 2 happy boys in a tub.
Wonder where all the bubbles are? 
 Oh yeah, Joe ate them.


I heart projects

And this bathroom project is among my fav yet!
DH made me some shelves to display my pharmacy bottles on.
This collection is special to me.
Most pieces are from the ol' Walker's drug store in Loogootee.
It went out of business while I was in college.
{I worked nights and every weekend at the time.
I knew months in advance that an auction of their items was going to take place. 
I asked off work, but was denied coverage.
Thanks to the cruddy chain pharmacy.
I committed my 1st and only offense at calling into work without being sick.
I went to the auction and have never regreted that decision.}

oops a little incorrect measurment lead to some last minute adjustments
and a peak out front door from boys in their jammies

spray paint is the best

I love the way it turned out. I was albe to use some of my mom's tins from her collection, some Williams Dairy (Loogootee, IN) maik bottles, sand in bottles from beach trips, magnifying glass is my Grandpa Summers.
And I am still working on the finishing touches.
Can anyone guess what it is?

Oh and don't hold your breath, I might not reveal for a while.
I heart projects.  Poor DH.



  My two year old has developed a habit of taking train track pieces from the train table (in the toy room) and dragging them into the living room. 
It really is clever, quite innovative, and never shall he ask for help in assembly. 
 In fact, as if he knew what I was posting about,
he has just entered the room to gather a few more pieces!

But, underfoot, right between the couch and the coffee table,
they are also unhandy.
(that's some Daviess Co. dutch talk for ya!)
Yesterday, I put them away and returned home last night to them back out and assembled again.

I was then reminded that there are so many times that we petition God to remove things that we struggle with,
things that really are not blessing us at the time. 
Often God does this.
Just for us to let it sneak back upon us again...
and God is gracious with us and he helps us to gain victory again.
Am I ever glad that my God is so patient with me.
He helps me to put struggles away again, without even a

Thanks dear Joe for the reminder that God is patient and encouraging with me as his Child.

I waited patiently for the Lord;

            he inclined to me and heard my cry.
                             —Psalm 40:1


17 Days

Pass up a trip to the beach?
No way.
So, when dear sister in law called last night to invite us on their impromptu spring break trip,
I wasn't sure how to make it happen.
The rooms rates were very reasonable, with a kitchenette to save on meals...but
DH would not be able to go due to other plans we have later in the year
We would not fit into the 1st vehicle, unless I only took one son (NO WAY)
My other sister in law said they were using resources to finish their basement (understandable)
I really didn't want to drive 10 hrs with both boys alone...
the aha moment.
What about Kia?
So I called her...could she go?  After a quick budget check with my DH and her DH, it was a sure fire thing!
What did my work schedule look like?
Were there other pharmacists off?
Sam's spring break?
It could not have worked out better.  I only needed to use 2 days PTO.
So we leave in 17 days with this cute sweetie and her mama.

And I hope to get some more sweet photos on the beach, holding both my sweet son's hands this time!

And the best part of a beach vacation that is 17 days away?  I am chubby & sassy and there ain't nothin' that I am going to do about that in 17 days, so I might as well just enjoy it...


Brown Stuff

Oh, Joe.
Yesterday you made a mess that I'd rather forget.
On second thought, there will be a time when I long for you to need me,
a time when this time will make DH & I laugh out loud.
I arrived home from work yesterday to my niece resting on the couch,
DH in the shower getting ready for our date night,
boys sleeping after a fun morning at the farm.
You know, that I could quickly get ready and we could head out
before the boys expressed their disproval at our decision to leave them. 
Well, soon son #1 emerged and mama spent some time with him,
chatted with Blake.
Then, daddy emerges with son #2...with a snicker he says,
sorry babe, you are gonna have fun cleaning the brown stuff off of Joe's floor. 
Brown stuff?  Yes, I think it was from my boots.
Hmmm. Mama thinks as she says to DH,
did you change Joe's pants?
Hmmm. Mama thinks as she says,
might want to check his pants.
DH (with face wrinkled) confims
that Joe has on new pants, no underwear, and a dirty bottom.
Off to the bathtub for Joe.  Off the the brown stuff for mom.

As best we can figure, DH laid Joe down for his nap, he fussed a little but quieted quickly.
Somewhere in the mix, Joe messed his pants and tried to fix it best he knew how.  Bless his sweet heart.
He put on new pants and went back to sleep.  I found the dirty pants (underwear and socks,too)in the laundry basket along with several smears of brown stuff in the carpet. 

I love his independence, such a sharp contrast to his older brother.  And while a simple cry for help would have saved a mess, it would not have been near as memorable.

We headed out one hour later, glad to be on our date, and left Blake (relieved, I might add, that all this occured while we were still home) to have a fun evening with the boys.
And that is what they did!


Day with Drew

My nephew Drew came over to play today after preschool.
It seemed so nice outside, the sun was warm, but it was still 46 degrees.
So we picked up a few sticks (for a rainy day project of mine)
and then headed back inside.
We decided to make some cracks (i call them crafts)
These 2 boys couldn't wait to get started.
Sam kept asking Drew all day long if they were best friends.
Drew kept saying I don't think so...

Got a bunch of mismatched socks laying around?
I am certain most of us do.
Those lost socks can be used to make these sweet bunnies.
Filling the socks with dried beans was perfect for these little hands.
Rubberband and a ribbon half way up.  And repeat to make the bunny's head.
Cut the top of the sock to make two foppy ears.
Cut eyes and teeth out of foam and glue on.
Don't forget the pom pom tail!
Have I mentioned I am ready for spring?
The flower craft did go so well, I will save that for another post!
The rest of the day we spent playing with each other.
Fun time with Drew!
Link to the craft idea below!!