Pool Guests

Our backyard guests have made themselves at home. Really at home.
They are coming closer and closer to us
and the pool.


IU game tickets

This boy got to go see his favorite team play his favorite sport.
More pics to come!  


Day of Thanks 2012

We were lucky to spend our Thanksgiving Day with the Graber family.
We gathered at Grandpa Greats, it always feel very special at 
Grandpa Greats.  We can feel Grandma Greats presence
and she would be so thrilled and overjoyed with all the great grands.
We enjoyed the traditional turkey and trimmings.
I provided the salad.
Yes the salad.  I know went all out right, LOL>
I have learned in this family of cooks to take the assignment 
given and be glad you are capable of that!!!

Aunt Judy brought afternoon games for the kiddos.
And the boys shot clay pigeons and worked on the 
metal on the shed.

Dan's Uncle Ed, Dan, Dan's Dad Donnie and brother Darrin

I made sure to get a pic of the walk of shame where they go around and collect the targets that they did not
shoot mid air..hee hee.

Grandpa Great loved having us all around for the day.  I imagine it gets pretty quiet some afternoons.

They also had fun with a target and a muzzle loader.
Seriously I hear a bunch of giggles like girls when things blew up...

This stool is the most inviting place to sit.  It is perched in the perfect
spot and has been since I can remember.  Things that are made in
this tiny kitchen taste so grand!

Joe and Aunt Judy with his turkey day creation.

So thankful for family and friends!


Indiana Pacers!!!

Do you think they were excited about their surprise?
DH scored another big one this week when he found a super deal on Pacers tickets.
We love introducing the boys to our favorite sports teams.
They LOVE all things basketball right now... so this was a sure hit!
DH and I took the day off and we left around noon,
 we stopped for some lunch and the mall.
At lunch DH showed Sam the tickets and he read where we were going
and could not wait.

Sam knew they played at the place the Lions won the state, love that he 
remembered that!
We spun the wheel for a free item (we got a highlighter, Boomer magnet and chip clip, ha)

The dancers lined in the tunnel right beside us so we could watch them the whole game.
We were close to the action.
We were sure to be in our seats for the beginning, favorite part!

When the lights went down those eyes light up

and Joe made me laugh out loud...he was sitting in his seat because he would not let
go of the huge popcorn tub.  He had popcorn in both hands and when these
fireworks went off he shot both hands in the air and said...that is what I am talking about!
Love him!

Their size was impressive.  Those are some BIG boys.  

There is so much going on besides the game, the boys loved all the side action
and by the end Joe was trying to get the camera to notice his ROBOT dance so he could be on the big screen!  Boomer came close

and so did the camera folks with free pizza but we didn't get either!

We did score these cool balls that were shot into the audience with a ball popper.  I was so excited when one landed right behind Joe, he grabbed it and I had the instant thought of oh no..we are only going to have one ball
when I turned around DH caught one in mid air for Sam!!

Best part was an overtime victory for our Indiana Pacers!

I69 opening night

I must admit that the quality of these nighttime while in motion photos won't 
be some to go down in history, but the event will be remembered with a smile.
For the locals, all we have heard about is I69 and Monday night was set to be its debut.
DH emailed Allison and I at work on Monday morning and (twisted our arm) talked us into skipping our workout and taking the roadtrip.  We worked late and almost skipped the trip, but 
we put the kids in jammies and headed out!

We travelled north to Bloomfield which is the northern most point of I69 open at this point
and got on the interstate!
Much of our trip looked like this (below)
we had no idea where we were which is weird in an area that we have lived all our lives!

We were excited to see those 70mph signs, big city friends
all we see is 35mph signs around here!

And also weird to see our local cities on an exit sign!

So we drove on I69 on its opening night.  Snicker.
It made me laugh when DH thought of that, thought people would think we were crazy,
but I don't think we were the only ones!
Boys, your daddy is crazy!

So very thankful.

So thankful.
So very thankful
today and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Great Aunt Polly's Sleepover

Prepare for some high quality photos taken from my 5 year old's camera.
Great Aunt Polly had a sleepover for just the Walker boys.
{and Blake, for reinforcement}
There was movies, food, Wii, wrestling and lots of boy
cousin bonding.
Sam didn't make it the whole night.  We went to get him late.
First time that has happened, most of the time he is ready to 
stay for days!!

But Joe made it all night and he came home all smiles this morning!

Thanks Aunt Polly!!!!


Num Num

This post brought to you by Num Num.
{and Joey D}


Family Turkey Project

Mrs. Wagler sent home these turkeys
 for us to decorate as a family turkey project.
  (Should I tell you I live for these assignments when some parents dread them, LOL?)
Sam said he wanted a basketball player, so we cut out a Lion and an IU uniform

I even gave him the option that his turkey could wear both
teams, he makes me laugh because he is so literal, he
said but mom those don't go together.

We had saved a few of these programs from the Lions Bball state run
cause I have a project in mind for those too!

Sam quickly decided that he would be an IU player because he plays for them.
I was a smidge surprised, not realzing this...until he said, I was on their floor
I went to camp there.  True Sam, very true.  So we chose IU and began coloring!

It looks pretty good hanging in the hall at school!

And Joe made a Lion player too!

Apparently, its name is joe blake...two words he spells quite well on his own~