Day of Thanks 2012

We were lucky to spend our Thanksgiving Day with the Graber family.
We gathered at Grandpa Greats, it always feel very special at 
Grandpa Greats.  We can feel Grandma Greats presence
and she would be so thrilled and overjoyed with all the great grands.
We enjoyed the traditional turkey and trimmings.
I provided the salad.
Yes the salad.  I know went all out right, LOL>
I have learned in this family of cooks to take the assignment 
given and be glad you are capable of that!!!

Aunt Judy brought afternoon games for the kiddos.
And the boys shot clay pigeons and worked on the 
metal on the shed.

Dan's Uncle Ed, Dan, Dan's Dad Donnie and brother Darrin

I made sure to get a pic of the walk of shame where they go around and collect the targets that they did not
shoot mid air..hee hee.

Grandpa Great loved having us all around for the day.  I imagine it gets pretty quiet some afternoons.

They also had fun with a target and a muzzle loader.
Seriously I hear a bunch of giggles like girls when things blew up...

This stool is the most inviting place to sit.  It is perched in the perfect
spot and has been since I can remember.  Things that are made in
this tiny kitchen taste so grand!

Joe and Aunt Judy with his turkey day creation.

So thankful for family and friends!