Family Turkey Project

Mrs. Wagler sent home these turkeys
 for us to decorate as a family turkey project.
  (Should I tell you I live for these assignments when some parents dread them, LOL?)
Sam said he wanted a basketball player, so we cut out a Lion and an IU uniform

I even gave him the option that his turkey could wear both
teams, he makes me laugh because he is so literal, he
said but mom those don't go together.

We had saved a few of these programs from the Lions Bball state run
cause I have a project in mind for those too!

Sam quickly decided that he would be an IU player because he plays for them.
I was a smidge surprised, not realzing this...until he said, I was on their floor
I went to camp there.  True Sam, very true.  So we chose IU and began coloring!

It looks pretty good hanging in the hall at school!

And Joe made a Lion player too!

Apparently, its name is joe blake...two words he spells quite well on his own~