A new kitty cat has arrived at our house.
We were not planning on that at all.
But it looks like Tiger Night
is quite pleased.
And the name, you know one to go with a big name like Tiger Night...
Yep Shock.  

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Joe's sight words

This boy is enjoying sight words.
He loves to practice, self study, with help, out loud on paper or dry erase.
He really wants his homework to last as long as big brothers.
So we get out extra work books or practice papers.
I love seeing his sweet mouth sound out his word list every week.
He get confused with b and d but we spent 2 years working hard
with Aunt Jill in speech and I am proud of him that it is no longer
a stumbling block
I suppose that someday he may be less interested,
but for now, we are working hard!

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2nd grade music program

Sam and Drew had their 2nd grade music program Tues night with a patriotic theme.
Sam was really looking forward to this program, first time.
He is really not into music, but this year he has enjoyed it!

The 3rd grad joined them for their program, 2nd grade had speaking parts,
but some of the 3rd grade had solos.  It was a great program.
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Rodeo Cowboys

We went to the rodeo last weekend with some good friends.
It brought out the cowboy in all my boys.
Sam told grandma that he was going to the rodeo and needed a hat.
She fixed him right up with his daddy's hat and tie.
DH had his senior pics taken with that hat.
Sam was super proud.

Actually we had two handsome cowboys!

Bull riding was our favorite for sure.  Joe hooped and hollered all night long though.
Fun times!
They both informed me that they would ride a bull someday.
Sorry boys not gonna happen, not gonna happen.

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Endless Giggles

 In 30 minutes
2 brothers used
10 or more pool noodles
to create giggles for themselves
and a joyful time for me.
They didn't notice the other kids in the pool.
They were only concerned with having fun with each other
They didn't care that we were they for a short time.
They made the best of it.

Endless giggles.

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Lions Second Grade

Most Sundays this fall Sam got to play ball with his Second grade buddies.
They have been having fun learning some basketball skills.
They have learned a lot already.
Currently they know a few plays
5 low
out 1
out 2.
Sam can tell us what a screen is...ha ha love seeing him get in position.

They play a lot of their games at Lee's gym (old St John's gym) but some at are JFK, a gym featured in the movies Hoosiers.  It is a great nostalgic area.  Still maintained in this baskeball loving town!

Drew and Sam - age 7

 Luke, Reis, Leighton, Drew, Isaac, Sam, John, Brandon and Connor
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Crunching Leaves

Grandma made us Thanksgiving lunch today
we were stuffed so we headed outdoors
to work it off for a bit.
Crunching Leaves
Grandma and Grandpa's

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