2 Proms in 2 Weeks

Miss Morgan had 2 proms in 2 weeks.
She chose a handsome boy to be her date {and boyfriend}.

Her dress for SHS prom was black and silver and it had an actual zipper, it was so cool.

And for LHS prom this week she wore pink.
Beautiful both ways I think~
Ethan liked the pink better because she wore heels with the black
and he didn't like her being his height!  
She's a lucky one, you can't even tell she has on
sweet flip flops in the pink~
And these earrings are her Great Grandma Marie Walker's..
what a perfect match!


Tigers Tball Opening Day

The Tigers Tball (ahem, Sam and Joe's team as if not everyone know who the tigers are...)
Joe walks around home all the time going..dad are we the Lions or the Tigers poor guy!
The boys had a slew of fans, good thing because this mama has been down for the count since wednesday night... I finally went to urgent care on Friday and was diagnosed with strep throat and influenza.  
DH drug me to the game I sat way in the outfield by myself and I am glad the fresh air did me good, all I want to do is sleep!

Seeing this sweetie bat for the first time was a like a dream.
He was so determined, used the T the first time, but hit DH's pitches after that..

And this boy has improved much from last year, wasn't near as timid as last year.
Cole said it's like he is the leader of the pack, proud of him too

Like a pro, hands on hip and all~

And this is typical boys, dust flying running at high speed, love it~
Yeah Tigers~


Kindergarten Program

We enjoyed Sam's kindergarten program tonight.
I love being a mom and enjoying these things with my boys.
Sam was beyond excited, which kinda surprised me because he doesn't "love" music at church or anywhere for that matter, but he did great!  I even saw his lips move a few times and he definitely got the moves!
My brother called me an over achiever because I might have gotten a seat in the 2nd row...
oh well, he only does this once!

So funny, love this!

Drew and Sam age 6

Kindergarten Class of 

We ended the evening with a sweet treat at DQ with grandma and grandpa!

And then there was this little man who slept thru the whole thing.
All of it.


Fun with Wizards~

We had a lot of fun..
laughs, oohhhsss, aaahhhs, wows 
on Friday night
at the Washington Wizards game.

Sam had some birthday money left that he used to buy his own baskeball!

And Joe was happy with the free poster, lol!

We were glad that our silly, yes I know very silly friends
invited...thanks Kia and ML!

ML and Joe went down on the court on far left, but Joe bolted shortly after this picture~
We had a lot of fun~


Missing Sam.

I want to play with my broder
Can I wait 100 minutes?
Can I mommy, can I, yes or no.
Daddy, I can wait for Sam.
Daddy, tell me when Sam is here.

Sam is gone tonight with friends.
In fact he has had quite a day, while this little man
is suffering for a wee bit of little man syndrome.
Today while I worked
Daddy brought home biscuits and gravy
took the boys to play at cousin drew's while getting his tires fixed,
came by pharmacy to see me 2 times,
took Sam to his friend Cale's birthday party
and then
Sam left to go to the McDonald's Classic basketball game with more friends.
Wow what a day!
And Joe ate up all the attention that mom and dad had to give...
but back at home, he really missed his broder.
He wanted someone to play with, not mom and not dad.
So here he sits tucked up beside mom
waiting 100 minutes until Sam gets home

Baby Evan

I love this picture.
It makes me laugh out loud.
I love my friends' kids.
I love seeing my friends' personalities come out in their kids.
{this is his dad, by the way}
Joe and I made a speedy trip to Indy on Wednesday
to welcome Baby Evan.
His big brother Elijah sure did surprise us though,
he is usually shy around us, but was fun and wound up all day
loved it!

And meeting handsome
Mr. Evan Joshua did not disappoint either!
He was perfect.
An absolute bundle of joy.
He looks like his big brother
with long fingers and toes and pretty blue eyes.
Welcome Evan Joshua!
You are loved!


Featured Crafter!

The Graber Gab was featured at


And even more credit due to DH now
for keeping that cheese puff container!


Faith and Family Easter!

What a blessed Easter day we enjoyed.
It was full of faith, family and food of course, ha!
My little men were super handsome in their bow ties.
Love them!
We enjoyed sunrise service to celebrate our risen savior
followed by breakfast at church.

We came home and enjoyed some family time


finding that the Easter bunny had paid a visit and left a small plush bunny, wallet and a chocolate bunny for each boys

We ate lunch and had a fun Easter egg hunt with the Walkers.
These cousins were having fun outside the window with "chalk rocks"

And the 4 year olds were right up front and ready for the start of the Easter Egg Hunt!

Love these sweet great grands. Missing 5 for sure..but otherwise my cousins kiddos!

And then we went to Grandma and Grandpas for Graber Easter.

I took a lot of pics but they all contain precious pics of some special cousins that
I'm not able to share online, love them much and so glad we all had fun yesterday!

Sam broke in his new sidewalk chalk writing grandma and I Leve Your message straight from the heart!

Full day of family, family and food!


The Big Fish

We interrupt these Easter postings for the BIG FISH.
DH was surely proud to show Joey D his fish.

The crappie {croppie} measured 13.5inches.
I'm recording that so it doesn't get any longer in tales...

Sam was very proud too.


Egg Huntin'

We went egg hunting today.  Joe was ready to go
before we got there...and I couldn't see him for long...

he took off so far from where I was standing that I could barely find him.
He LOVED it!  

But Sam was not so sure and really took some encouragement.
He told me he was just a bit nervous.

So when I saw this I was so proud.  
He stayed close.  I set him a goal of collecting 6 eggs (knew it would be
a safe number to collect)...that was our goal and he was certain
he could do that.  Anything above that was just bonus, once
he realized that he didn't have to gather the most he loved it too!

Sam loved his pony ride though...always does!

Fun morning with my boys 
(after Zumba) of course!!