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If you gotta work on Halloween...

Might as well have fun at it.
Blake - Softball, skier {kind of} girl

Me - Would you like a peanut butter parfait?
Yep, that's is my original uniform from high school.

And Allison - Colts player
Huwa, huwa.



We attempted to trick or treat last night.
It was a disaster - a dinosaster that is.
Joe was {and still is} sick.
Sam wore his costume once yesterday and didn't want to wear it again.
So Morgan did.
You are so funny Morgan.
The tails are so funny.
Sam was in a good mood, so he still scored some CANDY.

But really this is how most of the night looked.
Less smiles than these pictures show.
Love my little dinosasters.
It is raining tonight and plans tomorrow.
So, if we didn't make it to your place,
consider this your trick or treat.


Preschool Halloween Party

Today was Sam's preschool halloween party. I was so thankful that it worked for me to be off to see these cuties! I loved all the costumes. Lots of superhero's {although my pics don't show it!}.
They sang lots of songs for us and then it was time for a snack!
Yummy snack time for the dangerous dinosaur!

And these two sweeties Miss K{our really good friend's daughter} and Mr. D {my nephew} have been sweet on each other lately. How funny! I think she liked his muscles...


Happy Birthday DH

Today we celebrate DH.

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby and Daddy.

{We love you}

Psalm 103:13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;
Daddy and Samuel (10 weeks old) - March 2006

Proverbs 23:24 The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him.

Last night we began our celebration at a Japanese grill in Eville.

We all loved it, lots of smiles by all.

And today daddy got breakfast served to him.

And an afternoon of fishing following church and lunch at his mom's.


Today I am doing laundry.
I found these in the washer.
I have two boys-
Ages 3&2.
{At least they are not in their mouths}
I will check pockets better next time.

Jack-O-Lanterns 09

We had planned to go camping this weekend, pulled the camper home and packed our things and our friends got sick, really sick, so they had to stay home - boo:(
But, our kids were not sick and the camper was at our house.
We decided that, due to the chance for crummy weather,
that we would have a fire at home and sleep in the camper {in the driveway}.
And our party grew until -
we had just the right amount of people for a really fun night!!
The highlight of the evening was getting our hands in the gooey stuff (for most of us)
We carved pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.
We have Drew, Sam, Joe, Jaelyn, and MonteLee - can't you tell?
And here we have Master Pumpkin Carver, Tom. He came with his own kit and went to work. Thank goodness, I mean I really just got to do the fun part with Sam!
Proud of their finished work!

I can see the pumpkin guts a flyin' right now!
And this girl. Wow. I didn't know you had it in ya Jill. Great carving skills. She even made Walker eyebrows on a pumpkin - if you know my family, you know what I mean!

Aunt Christine made Joe's pumpkin. He LOVED it.
Wanted to touch it, all of it, even the candle - yikes!
And my Aunt Polly came and had fun too. Later in the evening the kids found one set of water colors (yep, one set, only one brush=disaster). But Aunt Polly showed them how to use their fingers instead. Everyone made a masterpiece- especially Jaelyn, I cannot wait to see her's hanging on the fridge.

Yeah, I got into the big cookie with black icing and thought I finally found a way to fit in with my friend (considering her roots and all) - Go Shoa*s! I wouldn't want to offend any readers by really spelling out the place!
And these three.
They were here most of the night. DH and my 2 brothers.
But actually, we all ended up here by the end of the night.
Maybe they had it right all along!?!
And we relaxed by the fire.
And laughed {out loud}.

A lot. Morgan had on her runners for the evening.
Oh, and we did sleep in the camper.
Thanks everyone for a really fun, spur of the moment,
really smokey
chilly, windy, fall evening!


Cousin Love

Blake (16), Sam (3), Joe (2)

Cousin Love.

It will make you do crazy things.

{like kiss caterpilters, and then giggle}


We have lots of these around our house right now.
They are caterpilters
{according to Sam}

These boys love them some caterpilters.
They crawl all over them
and they giggle. {Smile}


Happy Day

Happy Breakfast for a Happy Day!
I would rotate this crazy pic, but not time for that. It's fall break-off for a day of fun with my little men!


Movies & Pizza & Pop

We started the day at church, watched daddy play the drums, wrestled 2 boys during service that both wanted the same combine toy, loved the sunday school discussion on discipline, and had a yummy lunch at home. Daddy went fishing, the boys napped, and mama looked for ideas for Sam's 4th {gasp} birthday party. And then...

We finished the night with pizza and a movie at home. The movie BOLT was really cute and we did our best to make it to the end. The boys favorite part? They got to drink POP. Joe went straight to his cup that was still sitting by the sink this morning and begged for more!

Fun Fall Craft

Yesterday we made these.
And they were a lot of fun!
We started with the paper that my blogger friend Donna sent me.
It is sooooo my favorite.
We collected lots of treasures.
And this is the smile I get from Joe most of the time now.
More treasures than we needed.

And we brought them inside to make our fall craft.
We glued our treasures to the paper, all of our treasures, even the rocks...

And we drew the bug bodies. Lots of fun!
And then mama discretely put all the left over treasures back outside.


Loves His Books

Sam - 14mo. Destin, FL vacation

Sam - age 3 - Quiet Sunday afternoon at home

This kid has always loved his books.


The Eye Doctor

Sam went to the optometrist today for the first time.

I didn't dream he would be only three.
Thank Goodness for Prevent Blindness Indiana -
the screening folks that came to Sam's preschool.
The estimated him at 20/60.
Thank Goodness for Dr. Wagler who would see him so young.
I was so very proud of Sam today. He was so big.
He followed all instructions well.
He knew all his letters and numbers {the ones he could see, that is}
Dr. Wagler says he is 20/50 {and knew more than most kindergartners...}
Yep, he has astigmatism.
We will not do glasses yet.
We will monitor {wait and see}
50/50 chance for glasses in the future.
Just like mama.
Were there signs?
Looking back, probably yes. Squinting and holding things close, sitting near the TV.
More recently he has been doing this {photo above}
and closing one eye when he points to something.
We will continue to watch him closely.


A Fun Farm

Today we went to the local Lark Ranch.
This place is super NICE!
Loved it and so did the boys.
I took way to many photos.
{Even for me:}

It was one of those perfect kind of days.
Minus, of course, the fact that I backed into DH's friends truck before we left.
Leave it to guat-mama to put a damper on a perfect day.