Two Firsts!

Sat nite we to a bday party for Dan's friend from work!
Janelle had a surprise bday party for her husband Mark...
We had a good time and the boys celebrated a couple of important firsts!
First time on a slip and slide.
In typical graber boys style joe dove right in

and sam watched for a long time

but then finally tried it and couldn't be stopped!

I missed the memo on the water part...
so Sammy had to score his 1st touchdown
in his tshirt and tighty whities...

Fun summer nights!!

Blueberry Cobbler Flop Not...

So I got up this morning early and slaved away to make this
blueberry cobbler for my awesome coworkers at WB.
No seriosuly I did get up early and make it...

the blueberry were fresh and yummy

I gave a sampling to Samo this morning...

And then this is the response I got...

See that girl on the right in the pic below...she is vicious ok just not nice.
Yep, she's the one who rolled her eyes about the drum.
And the one on the right, she was the first one to say she liked it
and she ate seconds!!

And this sweet intern liked it too
{never mind the fact that I have to sign her hours at the end of her rotation}

And this nutso wouldn't even try it!

So flop or not?  I dunno... my first taste was BAD, like floury, but
then the next bite was YUMMO!


365.Week 26

W26.D1 VBS at Methodist Church with aunt christine
went all week...they loved it!

W26.D2 Friends came over to swim.
The rain came so we hurried inside, not a good day for pics!

W26.D3 Milk Soup...anyone watch Charlie and Lola?

W26.D4 Dental Work...he is so good!

W26.D5 Happened to be D5, but this could be seen 'bout any day
at our house...

W26.D6 Sweet Thrift store find, what do you think im gonna do with them?

W26.D7 - Yummy rainbow cookies.


Couldn't pass it up!

I was looking for the perfect item to spur on my patriotic
mantle change.
I usually find it laying around the house, but this week
I found it at a thrift store.  Had to have it!

Along with those a.w.e.s.o.m.e keys.
I thought I might spray paint them, but they were perfect for now.
And that birdcage...$5 for all three!

My co-worker rolled her eyes, couldn't believe I gave the drum a second look!
What do you think?  Do you see the beauty?


Been Missing Mo!

We'd been missing Mo!
She checked out and went on a 12 day trip with friends to WDW!!
She had a great time, but from the way she played with the boys
today, I think she was ready to get back to the fam!

We took Subway to the park and enjoyed and laughed a lot!
I headed to work for the afternoon, but it was a perfect lunch date!

Oh and miss long-legged skinny minny
was bummed when her hips didn't fit in this ride anymore.
Welcome to womanhood, sweet thing!!

Solo Somersault

1st solo somersault success!
Seriously, I know.  We've been trying for several years now.
He's just not our most limber kid.
He came to me and said, I want you to see what I can do.
And he did it!  I was surprised and so happy when I saw that proud face.

And so he did it over and over again!
And since he crawled at 12mo, walked at 16 mo, is just now interested in
riding his bike (with training wheels)...I figure he is right on time!

What's the rush anyway!


Pretty Hot Rocks!

We had a lot of fun this morning {me included}
making pretty hot rocks!

I found the idea here...Hot Rocks
her kids are a little older, but then I decided that
winter gloves would do the trick!

Ready to heat at 350 degrees...hey don't judge the crummy pizza pan,
I was heating rocks for goodness sakes!!

I just let them create on their own!

Super fun craft, now...who should we share our paperweights with?


SpringMill Campin

SpringMill State Park. Cold Streams.

Adventure. Cold Toes. Giggles

Sweet smiles. a little fear.

brothers treking together

smores with daddy. no less than sixteen times.

boat ride with friends.

more adventure. {zipline}

smores with friends.


trip to bass pro shop for DH.
1 lawn chair. fishing lures. a yellow dress.

back to camp. pioneer village

cool popsicles with the besties

tire swing

sweet summer spins.

Could I convince you that we enjoyed all this bliss
along side a muddy mucky mess?
It poured both nights while we slept
we still slept good snuggled in grandpa's camper.
DH got up early to make a breakfast fire today.
Then came more rain and by the time we left
his breakfast fire was in the middle of a puddle.
We came home early this am...with all our mud.