Spring Break at Home

We came home early on Monday because DH had to leave to go out of town for the week.
He had training for his PT job of crop insurance.  He works hard to make everything come together, proud of him for passing his exams at the end of the week.
I'm not gonna lie, I thought the week would be a breeze, but I worked much of it and
Sam had a stomach bug and Joe had his usual cough/allergy mix.
By Friday, we were ready for him to be home!!!
Thankful for the help of grandma and grandpa who saved me on 3 occasions this week
and now grandma is down sick today as a result :{
We are on a bit of a Monopoly kick at our house.  Sam used his birthday money to buy
Monopoly Electronic Banking.  Our whole family plays together and it teaches many skills, can't complain about that!

We spent the rest of the day Monday doing some art/craft projects while we did laundry.

I wrote the boys secret message that they decoded by painting with water colors.

 Why yes we had snow on SPRING break.  Boo it was cold and rainy/snowy all week.
Come on spring, come on!
 We did some bubble wrap painting but we were not too impressed with the results
 And Sam wrote a comic book, super cool
We came home from the grocery with one of those I always say no to items...the capsules that grow into a sponge animal. They were thrilled, for a fleeting moment. But it felt good to say yes.

 As I type we are snuggled in the basement relaxing a Sunday afternoon away.
We rented Despicible Me 2 from the Redbox.  We also enjoyed Frozen this week with Blake

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More Indy Spring Break Fun

While the museum and sky zone were much fun while we were in Indy we made to most of some other stuff also!  A hotel pool is a must with two boys.  We swam both days, Sam decided the second day that he wasn't going to swim because he didn't want to take a bath afterward.
We told him he had to take a bath either way and to the pool he want. Ha love kids and their thinking!

The build a bears have made a comeback in the last few weeks at our house, after a few months of non interest.  They made the trip, and this is so not like me.  Usually I control every last item that we "drag" along.  I let each boy pack their own suitcase and this stuff came. Ha.  Oh well, made for great memories!

 We were headed back from Dave and Busters (game place in pics below) and the boys were arguing about who had more places named for them. Sam's club, Trader Joe's, Fantastic Sam's, Joe's Crab Shack, Pompano Joe's, Sam and Libby's, and then we stopped at the store for some dessert to share.  I didn't even realize I had chosen Joe's Joe's Ice Cream, we all laughed together!!
We made a stop at Butler after Children's Museum.  Boys were less than interested but humored me for a quick photo.  Sam just kept telling me that IU beat BU in the last game that he watched...IU was better haha.  Oh my.

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Indy Sky Zone

Sky Zone was the highlight of our weekend.
We were there for one hour, but the boys are still talking about it.
Planning our next trip back!

 Sam's favorite spot was the basketball area.

 This was Joe's favorite, jump from your square to the side and back again.
He LOVED it.

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Indy Children's Museum

Last weekend we had fun in Indy for spring break!
A highlight of the weekend was the Children's Museum.
It had been a couple of years since we went.
Boys remembered some, but enjoyed it all like it was new again!

We spent a long while at a small exhibit where you build your own "flying object" trying to keep it in the wind tunnel.  My first attempt was decent, DH altered his and got the longest flight time.
Lots of giggles

Both boys liked rock climbing, but it was a tough course.
They tuckered out early and we moved on to the next exhibit.

Spring Break 2014 Sam 8 and Joe 6
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