73 degree Day

I was LUCKY that Tuesday was my day off  because it was a our first glimpse of spring.
I met up with my friend Melissa at school drop off, we decided to hang out for the day.
We laughed together as we worked out, shared some mom conversation over lunch,
I made her help me put washed sheets back on the bed (isn't she a great friend) and then
we parked early for a great walk around town, we talked work.  Love times like that. Had fun!
The boys and I stopped at the park, they ran and worked up a great hunger.
We headed home and I made strawberry smoothies and we enjoyed them outside
while we did their homework.
Doesn't Joe look so super sweet?

This was his homework, assigned my mama.
He came home more than once in the last bit with a warning about talking in class.  His sweet teacher assures us it is not out of the ordinary, but I think a little reminder doesn't hurt!

 And this one started a car wash.  The hose isn't hooked up yet, he was totally satisfied with a couple buckets of water.

 We also discovered that he is tall enough to ride Sam's bike.
Gonna put a brick on his head!!!
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