Everest VBS decorations!

Our bible school committee had fun creating the VBS set this year!
We used a combination of items available from Group VBS website, made a few decorations
and also used some items we had on hand!  
The Everest VBS theme was fun to work with!
We covered the stage area with white sheets and used the backdrop from Group.
Our director made mountains from foam board...she is super talented!
We added a tent, trees covered with snow (polyfill), and a fire.
We mounted all the characters on giant foamboard, the kids love those!
The focus is on God but the excitement and wonder that decorations create 
certainly grab the kids attention and keep it throughout the lessons.
The material does a great job tying to the decor and helps reinforce the theme.

DH and I covered the walls of the church with mountains from gray bulletin board paper.
That stuff packs a lot of punch for the money!
That middle peak was DH creation.  Those lights along the wall are at around 7 feet and he wanted a super tall peak, I must admit "his side" of the church looked cooler than mine, ha!

The ice cave was a HUGE hit.  I love it as much as the kiddos!
My mama's sled and Joe's boots, vest and backpack and {biking or hiking, ha} 
helmet rounded out the decor!

Leading up to VBS the kids color pages of the characters and we love to decorate with them.

Our expert nature guy never disappoints with his wild display!

We added a "Guess the animals tracks?" area = left sticky 
tabs for the kids to guess who's tracks they are!

Sherri in the bible story station!

 Our donation area set up right at the back of the church

More of the kids' pictures

 Our preschool director and preschool area!
 Preschool bible story area

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