Saturdays Around Home!

We didn't have plans this weekend.
It was glorious.
I worked around the yard in the morning on Saturday, pulling weeds and sweeping porches.
I found this sweet little birds next in my flower box out front.  
I have no idea what kind of bird, it was a tiny little gal, she was out there this morning
so hopefully I didn't disturb the nest too much!

The boys and I swam the day away.
We are fighting the pool being cloudy right now, boo, but the temp is great.
I found it relaxing either way, LOL!

Morgan sent me this pic of her day kayaking on Boggs lake.
Looked like she was having a ton of fun, she camped with friends too!

And then we headed to grandma and grandpa's for a small fire,
mainly to test out Sam's hot dog maker...

Cool little fishing stick...he loves it.
It was a Christmas gift from them.

We rounded the night out with some bocce ball.
This game is very fun for our family to play, all ages and skill levels can play.

I tell ya, I know anyone can play because Sam and I were the winners!!

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