Everest VBS last day and Program!

Our last day of VBS was jam packed with fun!
We had our last session Sunday afternoon with program right behind.
It worked out great and we had a big crowd for the program that night.
The kids most all wore their tie dye shirts and they looked so great.
The hands on imagination station was a big hit again!

And of course games!

All of our bible school committee was so very helpful in serving for the program meal.
That was much appreciated!  We had hot dogs, coney sauce and had the familes bring chips or cookies, some brought fruit and veggies and that was great.  As a special treat, we had DQ blizzards that our local manager gave to us for a great price.  They were a huge hit! We ordered plenty because left over ice cream really isn't left over, right?!?  But we didn't have any left, found plenty of adults to take up the slack!

This was Joe's crew table...how creative is that table decor - Mrs. Beth is awesome!

Sweet girlies that I ate with.

The blizzards!

We were happy to have about 10 kids from the neighboring town that came from
a mission church there.  They were all great kids, most of them older and participated a lot.  
We had many of our kids invite their friends, love seeing all the faces!
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