The Roof at CM!

We started our weekend away at City Museum in St Louis.
This place is a blast (and you might leave with slight injuries from working unused muscles)
But you will also leave having done a fun workout and tons of memories.
We paid extra to do the roof this time and it was SO worth it. 
We rode the elevator up to the 11th story and climbed one more flight to the 12th.

Giant slide!

 Noah joined Sam, Sam went down first then Noah had to do a jump up running exit not to plow over Sam.  It was hilarious

Joe in orange shorts, Sam, Blake and Noah,
below them is a slide back down.

Roof top view

The line was too long to ride the ferris wheel, I wanted to ride 
but neither of my kids was up for it.

I walked up on this guy and knew he was going down,
and yep he did!
What fun DH, glad you did it you boys laughed for days.

Inside a bus dangling over the edge of a 12 story building,
yep sounds like a great idea
view below

This place is so good for adventurous fun! And that was just the roof...
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Blake Callahan said...

Yes we had so much fun!!!!