Power Outage Emergency Kit!

We have been very fortunate
and weathered the recent
storms sweeping through our parts.
But we were left without power for
quite some time.
These power lines very near our home
were blown over the road
and left that way for a few days while
repairmen fixed area outages.
It was erie driving under them!

I decided to get an emergency kit together.
I told DH where it was located.

And I filled it with water, 2 pop open cans of spaghettios,
2 flashlights and plenty of batteries, another flashlight that is wound up for power,
 candles and lighters,
first aid kit, duct tape...and the most genius idea (not mine orginally)
glow necklaces - pop them on everyone
and it not only lightens the mood a little but
allows everyone to be located!
I also just heard about glow in the dark paint.  Wouldn't it be smart
to put a dab on all the flashlights in the home? 
We keep one in our bedroom if there is an outage at home, it would be
great if we could see it at night!

We tucked our box just at the bottom of our stairs,
I put a note in our family binder when to change the food.

And we aren't affected by the area floods, but this is a bridge that
was just redone a few years ago, raised some too combat floods
and the water is right up to it again.
Many of my patients from the pharmacy have had to move to higher ground
and could use our prayers!


Kids' Funny Moments Jar

Don't your children say the funniest things?
I needed a place to remember them...quick easy and inexpensive!
So our Funny moments jar was created from items we had on hand

We had the jar, I don't remember what it stored in its' previous life
but I am certain that I picked it up from the dollar section at our grocery store.
I grabbed our stash of letter stickers for inspiration.
And ended up only using one!

I found an item laying around {gum} that happend to be the same
size as the circle I needed to cover, traced it onto a leftover
thank you card and cut it out!

Modge podge is one of my friends, can you tell?
I placed the large letter sticker and made a couple of guide marks to write the
rest of my design. See below?

Added the letter "F" back to its home.
Glued on a chipboard tag

And there you have it!

Grab a handy piece of paper and jot down that favorite memory.
Don't forget to add the date.
Simple. Quick. Inexpensive.
But imagine the joy and laughs when you pull these slips out in a few years!


Magic Jelly Beans

Remember these guys? 

Their hair {grass} had grown long
a little scragly.
But Sam and Joe don't really care about scragly.
We watered them and kept them in and out of sun.
But really it was time for them to go.

So when I saw this idea on the web,
 I knew it was for us.
The boys really like cutting the hair.

And planting the magic jelly beans
made the boys forget about the 'loved' grass.

They were extremely excited to see what the jelly beans
would do by the morning.
Only on Easter morning of course.
Since they are true gardeners, we
 had to put them in their window for sunlight.
{Oh, and we watered them}
Sticky, yes.

And we got lollipops

Perfect way to wake up boys up at 5:30a for sunrise service!

More of Easter 2011

Easter Memories.



my boys
serious love for me when i look at this photo

easter story

mo and joe


wiffle ball with the cousins

mud on the toes.

egg huntin'


walker.great-grands {a few missing}

raber gathering the grabers'
{nope to a typo}
sam and joe used to go the sitter with
these sweeties so they hit it off right away!

where grandma had made this sweet lamb cake

and she even arranged this baby bunny {look close}
to come visit in the back yard

and enjoyed another easter egg hunt

Enjoy celebrating the day full of family
thankful for our risen saviour!


Easter 2011

Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;

Death is strong, but Life is stronger;

Stronger than the dark, the light;

Stronger than the wrong, the right...

~Phillips Brooks, "An Easter Carol"

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Easter Frames.

Just waiting for some Easter snapshots...
lets hope my boys
{all 3 of them}
are willing to humor mama tomorrow!

Whipped up these beauties from the leftover material
from the silk egg dyeing.  It was the start of my weekend creating...
made some pretty accessories for my nieces for Easter!
The frames were and upcycle from this frame.
Don't worry this cherished pic of Sam
on his 1st day of Sunday School will find a new perfect home!


Silk Dye Job

When we saw this egg dying idea over at
and we knew we had to give it a whirl.
Like much that I do, I didn't read any instructions
before I started.  Then after the fact I learned how to make
it better next time, but this time was really fun anyway!

A pal picked up these ties at the second hand store for me this week.
They were perfect.  Loved all the colors!

And no one can say these eggs aren't stylin'

We cut them up (gasp) into pieces to wrap and cover the eggs
secured with rubber bands

Did i mention these are raw eggs?
Yep, 10 little fingers all over the raw eggs-no breaks so that was success.
And then we boiled them.
We were a little disappointed that a few didn't work
after i took time to look it up...i realized that we needed 100% silk.
We raided our closet for DH's old ties or my old sashes.
Found a couple and boiled them again!

Love love loving the results.  They are G_O_R_G_E_O_U_S

In a mama sort of way, Sam doesn't think they are very pretty at all.

And what to do with all these eggs?
Egg salad of course.  I made it at 9:30 this morning
and was craving it till lunch!
{i skipped breakfast and thought about digging into it early,
but anything with mayo before noon seemed wrong!}

Super Dapper Fellows.

Last Saturday mama had to work
we had a family wedding 30 minutes after closing time
DH had to get everyone (except me tee hee)
for the big family wedding.
laid out all the necessary items
prepared my 2 stubbon boys
do not like to get dressed once, let alone twice in one day.

If  I do say so myself, DH came out with
super duper Dapper Fellows.
then the challenge of getting a good picture at this age
they are more into making silly faces and hugging light poles.

or scary faces.

Best I could get, minus Sam's hand placement {wink}.

And the shirts, made by a friend from church
Michelle has and etsy shop here bowsnsuchbymichelle.
Go get yourself some goodies, her stuff is sweet!