Easter Gathering!

We spent Friday night at Grandma and Grandpa's for an Easter gathering!

And the sun was going down by the time we started because in true Graber fashion -
Graber Hill began planting earlier in the day. 
The farmers were late coming in from the fields, but we enjoyed our time anyway!

Grandma hid some candy eggs and money eggs - Sam the turd was shaking eggs to listen for change
and leaving the candy - oh my.

Grandma had a delicious supper and each grandkid a new shirt!  Fun evening with family

Shaving Cream Eggs!

Until they refuse to participate and I do the whole dozen myself..
I'll hold onto traditions.
We ramped it up a bit this year making shaving cream eggs.
This made very vibrant eggs.  This was a favorite for sure.
Stained our fingers, but only for a bit!
We used shaving cream and food coloring, laid eggs in a wiped it back off - easy peasy!

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday was a blessed day indeed!
We woke up early to enjoy Sunrise Service at Church.

We took some bird's nest treats.  Created at 11p the night before, ha - such is life!

Our new sign at church , it looks so nice!

We are so very thankful for Pastor (and Uncle) Ed.
He pours so much into our church and the children.
Love this photo!!

This will have to do for our Easter picture this year...DH had driven to church early to play drums
and he and Sam left from breakfast before we did...I should have known he'd been out of those
 church clothes by the time Joe and I got home!

Our little cherry tree is full of blooms this year, so pretty!

And some Easter baskets for my main men.

It rained between Church and Easter with the Walkers, but it was perfect once we were there.
They sunshine was so nice, I LOVE all of grandma's flowers, her trees were beautiful.

Lining up for the annual hunt.

Not all the great grands, but a good looking bunch!

And we stopped by Grandma and Grandpas again - we discovered the dust for Saturday's games had Sam's allergies flared, but a dose of medicine and some time on Grandma's couch had him back up wrestling his brother.  We ate a few snacks and played some crazy 8.

Bomber Saturday

Last Saturday was a Bomber Saturday!
Joe played at 2, 4, and 6 pm!

Watching Joe improve and continue to give his all makes all the time at the ballfield so worth it!

He struggled to hit last weekend, but made a few adjustments
and had a great day.

Stats are kept on game changer, it gives great updates...

Leading off from third...

Safe at home...

Making buddies between games.  These boys have a lot of fun together.

Defense at second base

And a worn out bomber, sans pants...

Defeated the North Daviess Cougars in the final game.  They went 2-1 for the day!
We headed home late to get up early for Sunrise Service!

Cause Someday...

This morning I watched a mom entertain her two boys in the cart at Walmart.
It made me a little reminiscent.
It feels like that time in our lives is far behind and was gone in a snap.
I love each stage of life.
Just yesterday at school pick up Sam was telling me all about current events
and I spoke to Joe about showing grace to a classmate that had made a poor choice at recess.
How could you not love that?
  I cherish these times.  More than ever, feels like times that will define these boys.
And with these times come nerf turf wars.
Their are gaining independence and becoming individuals.
They play like friends and fight like siblings.

Our hallway looks like this  - someday I'll get around to fixing that floor...someday when the nerf bullets are all gone.

Someday this will be a lonely ol bathroom instead of a nerf war station...

Cause someday I'll remember those nerf war days and become a little reminiscent.