Comfy spot

This spot on the sectional is where the boys land.
It's that comfy corner spot where the sides meet
and all the pillows are.

This spot is good for writing your Christmas list
(and sharing it with mama using brown puppy eyes)
on a lazy Saturday morning

And this spot is good for studying your spelling bee
words with your mama after a soccer match.

What I know about that spot, is that is the most special when it is filled with
one or both or sometimes all three of my boys.

On Point.

I have been doing a morning devotion time before everyone wakes up.
It is a devotion that I get on my facebook feed.
They are short but have an expanded refernce
and they have been so on point. 
 I find myself taking a screenshot all. the. time. 

Flowers for DH for our anniversary.
They were also on point
hand delivered <3 p="">

The bedtime routine often ends in a wrestling match,
We need to work on that, it doesn't work well at bedtime
two little men are left all fired up, haha.

More soccer games

And a birthday dinner for my brother Scott at Ohana
and I got this yummy shrimp meal.

All ready for church 9.7.15

Celebrating 15 years.

We are thankful
We have been blessed in our 15 years of marriage
the 6 years we were together before that. 
The Pharmacist and her Pharmer.
That's what I will call us because I'm the author.

Harvest So Far 2k15

This years harvest came fast and early
there has been zero rain since harvest began
by the blessings of God there has been little machinery breakdown
that is a miracle
considering the 
yield has been good.
But, that also means that I have not been able to ride along yet.
So the pictures of Harvest 2k15 are few.

DH sent this picture too me taken from his flip phone.
September 21, 2015

Growing a Farmer

Sam cannot get enough of farming this year.
He wants to be right beside dad all day long.
Saturday, I worked and found Joe with Grandma after my shift,
but Sam spent his whole day with dad on the Graber Farm.

This is how I found my farmers,
 riding tall in the semi.
They were waiting on a load of beans from the field fresh from the combine hopper. 

The 80s T800 Kenworth with script writing and the grainy IPhone picture
reminds me of all the pictures that were taken during my childhood.
It reminds me of time spent with my family
on long Sunday afternoon drives
or putting up hay
it reminds me that time doesn't stand still, it marches on.

But, I'll tuck this photo in my memory bank,
the photo of my farmer and his son.

School Picture day

Tuesday was school picture day.
Their individual personalities really showed up...
Joe was wearing jeans, cowboy boots and a shirt with buttons...and a belt.
Had to have a belt.
We had to "push" his hair up - but not too spikey.

And Sam said he guessed he would wear a jersey or something.
No, mom you cannot touch my hair.  My hair is fine.

Still looking studly after school pick up.


Grandma's Supper

Grandma's Supper
Tonight we ate Grandma's supper.
Sam help me stir together Grandma Linda's chili recipe.
DH was gone to Cubs/Cardinals game today,
Grandma Linda would have spent the afternoon with me.
I am sure of it, she would have rode along to Joe's game
and helped me cheer him on at his Fall Baseball game.
It made me miss her much, so chili was in order.
it went perfectly with Grandma Jean's fresh applesauce.
She made it yesterday as a part of making apple butter.
Grandma's supper was a great fall day comfort meal!
There is a little left for Daddy,
but the boys ate their fair share!


Making Apple Butter with the Stolls

We snuck in a trip out to Grandma's to help make Apple Butter
with the Stoll's.

Little Miss Jeorgi.

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