The Birthday Surprise Reveal

Finally, I was able to get a picture of the 16th birthday surprise. Here is the birthday girl and her new wheels. Looks like daddy is checking out the stereo. Pretty sweet ride!

Picnic on the Porch

Have I mentioned that I love summer. It is by far my favorite season, it always has been. It is my birthday and I love the sun and the energy it gives us! A couple of weeks back to celebrate that summer had finally arrived we had a picnic on our porch. Just the boys and I, on the front porch, my tupperware toys from when I was a child, water, and one fudge round cut into triangle shapes. What a fun time, enjoying nature, loving each other's company.


Memorial Day

We swam in the rain, that pretty much summed it up. Sam's cousins Drew and Jaelyn and mama Jill came along with our good friends Kia and MonteLee. As soon as they arrived it began to rain, we all jumped in the hot tub just in time for a downpour. It was fun to watch it rain. I told them that since we have lots of weeds in our woods we could pretend we were in the rainforest...
We grabbed some lunch (I put some all-in-one hamburgers in the crock pot) and homemade mac and cheese. The kids were full and the rain stopped so we jumped into the pool again. They had a lot of fun and worked off some energy.

Sweet Miss MonteLee, she told everyone today she was not 5 but 5&1/2!

Joe didn't like swimming today so he headed inside with daddy since he was home from farming early due to the rain! This is how he spent his afternoon.

We have so many freedoms to be thankful for in the USA!! We are grateful for those who have fallen for our freedom and were happy to enjoy Memorial Day with great family and friends!

Surprise Sweet Sixteen

Last night my brother and his wife had a surprise party for my niece. We had planned it the weekend before and only her friends knew. They did so well keeping it from her as she complained to them about no one throwing her a party (blah, blah, blah). As we headed home early from the reunion, I learned that my sister's in law's dad had a stroke and he was in the hospital. I quickly got a hold of her for the details and he is recovering, she said the party was still on. I headed to their house to begin decorating...and who shows up but Blake to change clothes!!!! AAAhhhh...luckily no decs were up yet so we hid the decorations. I told her I was there to look for a graduation outfit to borrow?!? She changed and headed to Walmart with my other brother and his wife and kids (who really didn't need anything, so that made her suspecious, too)!
A couple of her friends Brittany and Chelsea were so sweet to come help and Brittany's mom came, too! Scott, Morgan, Megan and Cole helped set up too! Chris decided on a Hawaiin theme and we had some Sweet Sixteen signs.

The yummy cupcakes that Christine made...

Some of Blake's friends waiting on her to arrive!

The big moment... Blake arrives and loves it, we think...

Her special lei and Clue that leads her to her special 16th birthday present...

The last stop on her clue hunt, the suspense is building...

So, where is the picture of the suprise sweet 16 gift? The one we treked through the neighborhood to see? The one she had noooooooo idea about, even though she suspected the party?

Yep, it will have to wait until the next post...

In a smooth Guat-mama moment, my camera battery was dying as I snapped these other pics! I will get a picture today to post!

How Marvelous

This weekend we had our bi-annual Stoll reunion. I can't say this one qualifies for a boring reunion...It is an all weekend, spend the night, gab, eat and play fest! We look forward to this time with the Stoll each time.

The siblings, celebrating Aunt Rose's 68th birthday yesterday!

The adult gab fest, it lasts all weekend and seems to get louder and louder. Now let me tell you these sisters get very funny when they get to laughing...

And of course lots of playing. Silly Dryce, Sweet Kaiya, and our Sam. There are several kids around Sam's age so he played and played. I love visiting this family because there are so many children all being raised to love the Lord. The oldest great grandchildren, Kate and Lucas, are graduating high school this year.

Joe and his girlfriends, Mallory and Leah. These girls were so good to him all weekend. They carried him around the whole time and he cried when he had to leave them! It was the first time a lot of Dan's family had met Joe, I had forgotton since they live farther away! It seems as though he has always been with our family...

Dryce Sam and Caedmon - group hug!

We stayed at a Bible College here locally, it felt so good to get away! It was a great place with very nice dorms and a great kitchen. We spent a lot of time in the gym for fun. It was super humid this weekend, so it was nice to have a cool place inside to hang out. We had church in the music room and it was one of my favorite times. One of the songs we sang was titled "How Marvelous, How Wonderful" as we were singing this I thought how fitting it was for the weekend. Both of Dan's grandparents have passed away, but wouldn't they love this gathering! I love worshiping and fellowshiping with our family. I hope this legacy continues as my children get older!


First Swim

Yesterday, we headed to the doctor to recheck Joe surgery and all is well. We grabbed some lunch and looked around at Big Lots (I seriously love that place). We came ahead home, I was still thinking of going to Indy to see Baby Elijah, but think we will go next week. We had the rest of the afternoon, so we decided to check out the pool. Yep, we got our first swim under wraps! The water was cool so the boys decided to stay on the steps mostly. Sam loved "fishing" with his noodle and no we don't have any fish in there, lol! We called Morgan and she could come fishing so we ran into her house and then got back in to swim some more. Joe loved playing with Morgan and I can see a waterbug in the making! We caught a little of Blake's softball game and then headed back home.
I love summer, I love towels and bathing suits, the smell of suntan lotion, the giggles and laughter that water brings!



My niece Morgan turned fourteen on Tuesday. I still remember seeing her in the hospital when she was born, and playing with her in my bedroom at my childhood home. She was probably only 1, but loved to play with my nail polish and I loved to play with her.
Morgan, I love the spunky girl that you are. So beautiful and confident. So happy and friendly. And so in love with children, this is your gift, you are a natural with them and they love you!
I hope so many things for you as you begin high school next year, but most of all, I hope you remain just who you are. Oh, and I hope you always think I am pretty cool, and don't ever outgrow me. Love you!


I know it is cliche, the priceless commercials, but it is oh so true and these pics reminded me of these commercials.

Watching daddy and grandpa build a path, helpful.

Seeing Joe discover sand for the first time, cute.

Helping Sam build sandcastles, fun.

Witnessing Grandpa let the boys help him build the path, priceless.

Thank you Grandpa for all your help around our house this spring. And Grandma, too, who always comes along to play with the boys and give bedtime baths.


Baby Boy

AAAHHHH, I am stuck at work and my very best friend had her baby boy this morning. So, in light of this, I am keeping his sweet little name by my computer.

Elijah Christian Eash
6lb 2oz
20 inches

Proud but exhasted parents Chris and Toni...


Favorite Spot

If we are in the room with the boys' toys and mama's computer. Joe is here. It must feel cozy to him. He will smile when smiled at and come out when you leave the room, but otherwise he plays with by himself with the magnetic letters that go onto the board. A favorite spot.



So proud and blessed that these 2 sweeties have made me, "Guat-mama"!

Springmill Sunday

We headed over to SpringMill today after church to celebrate Mother's Day with my 2 brothers and their families. We always have a great time with lots of laughs with this group. We grilled chicken and hot dogs and enjoyed a picnic right by the playground. We took a short walk by the stream to the Pioneer Village. It is always nice to wander thru this village. This year, we wandered a little faster, well, darted from one house to another chasing a quick kindergarter and 2, 3 year old boys. Joe did well to keep up with us, he was asleep before we left the park. Thank goodness for our almost 16, almost 14, and 11 year old...they kept track of the runners. For those of you who knew my mom, this was the kind of day she cherished. She would have thoroughly enjoyed this day, of course, I am sure she would have overpacked, but had something we needed in the end. She was really known for this!


Helping Mama

We had a great Saturday. We all worked around the house to get it ready for fun in the sun! I headed out early to pick out some flowers to plant. I love our local nurseries, we have 2 in town and I try to use them both. Folks are friendly and flowers are beautiful. When I arrived home, the boys were ready to help.
Dan and his dad made me this metal planter box for our starter home and I still cherish it. I thought about moving it around back this year, but decided it fit here all to well.

Oops, Joe fell backwards of the rock, good thing he had a soft landing...

Done planting, time to water.

We spent all day outdoors. Since I work every other Saturday, we make the most of the ones we have together. We got our swimming pool treated and dewinterized ready to swim. I won't mention all the worms we fished out of that thing. ICK! After such a long days work, we grabbed some Chinese. Joe was working on his Edy's Ice Cream - 1/2 the Fat, Double Fudge Brownie. Does anyone else see the irony in that?


What my boys are made of...

What my boys are made of...

Snakes, snails,
puppy dog tails. . .
Is that what my boys are made of?
No, in fact,
they are much more than that.

They are a silly grin
on top of tan skin
sweet rosy cheeks
black hair of soft streaks

They are a contagious giggle
a can't sit still kind of wiggle
a crazy day dance
a sneaky sly glance

They are a sweet kiss on my cheek
a hug tender and meek
a playful kidding around
a jumping up and down

They are so much more
than a funny rhyme
they're the loves of my life,
I'm so glad they are mine.