More Summer Days

I think they are about to break this thing down,
but it always draws the crowd and never disappoints

And we promised the boys a campout, but the treat of rain kept us inside.
They were more than satisfied with it, of course we were too
and it is still set up so double bonus for the boys.
We had indoor smores, too.

Here is a glance at June and we've added some stuff since I wrote this out.

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1st day of Summer!!

We started off summer just right!
I had one more day off before work and we packed it full of fun!
We played some tennis and I snapped this pic and then he snapped at me for taking pics at all.
Sam starts summer tennis tomorrow, then summer baseball and summer basketball!

And we grabbed some lunch and enjoyed our library.
I know I've said it before, but I LOVE our library.
and so do my boys.
They are set up for their summer reading program theme is superheroes!

And then we enjoyed our 1st swim of the year, since then
there has been a 2nd 3rd and 4th, breaking it in good.

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School Year 2015 Wrap Up!

We pushed back our vaca once, but still had to miss the last 2 days of school.
We know those days are numbered as the boys get older 
and activities and commitments become even more!
Both boys had a great year making super grades and earning good remarks in conduct. 
Joe chose a items for a gift basket for Mrs. Wagler

I worked the book fair one of the last days of school,
I had two favorite customers...

there are no words, but this is Joe
about 95% of the time

Sam chose a super large pencil for his teacher.
He was VERY proud of it

It dipped down to the 50s their last day of school

The days are long but the years are short.
How I wish I could bottle time.
I told DH I love the boys at this stage and he said I say that at every stage.
I do.  I hope I always do.
I love hearing what they learn, their interests, their friends, their likes and dislikes...
I really like being here for them, being present every.single,day.

Sam brought home a step by step volcano poster
and Joe had to make his own.  It was about growing a flower.

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FWB May 15

4 full days tucked into the end of May
friends we made while youth sponsors at our church
2 dads, 2 moms, 4 full of fun kiddos
and a condo with a beach and pool
we made a lot of memories
FWB 15

We enjoyed a dolphin cruise this trip.
It was super rough and windy but we saw dolphins!!

And can't forget the IPHONE pics, I have a hard time blogging those, they don't upload well :(

Joe lost his front tooth in FL this trip!!

Sam passed his dad and did not look back.

Stuart Little by the pool

After Waffle House...Sam age 9 and Joe age 7 2015

Lela and Tori, Dylan and Greg

Sam was excited to have his picture taken. Tee hee.

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