The Wedding and Reception: Forever Callahan

The whole family was ready for these two sweet folks to get married!
These kids love Noah and wanted to welcome him to the family!

Pastor Joe prayed with Noah before the ceremony started, great moment.

Sam pulled LJ down the aisle 

 These four sat in the row in front of us and they watched the whole wedding intently.
Took it all in, every moment!

The wedding was very beautiful.  Noah and Blake beamed with smiles the whole time,
the pastors shared a special message.  Dan and I enjoyed serving communion.
It was a special way for Blake and Noah to start their marriage.

 The food and cake were amazing, missed pics I was serving :)

 Sam caught the garter, had no idea what is was, ha!

Yeah, I live with him. Oh my.

 Half of the aftermath, haha!
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